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A miniature bronze figure or decorative mounting which features two Uraeus. The Uraeus is a snake symbol that was often used to decorate the head-dress of Egyptian Gods and Kings.


This is a bronze figure of the Uraeus from Egypt. The Uraeus was a royal symbol of a snake that was worn on the head dress of pharohs to signify their sovereignty. This figure is a fixing for a head dress ...


This is an Ancient Egyptian figure of Ankh-Es-Ast. It is made of limestone with a faience glaze. The figure is broken and is now in two halves.


Folder containing ten linocuts by Dr V. Fanderlik, a Czechoslovak soldier: 1. Macedonia, 2. Isamboul - Aia Sophia, 3. Halleb - Syria, 4. Alexandria - Egypt, 5. Kreta, 6. Fort St. Jean - Marseille, 7. ...

Glass Fragment

A fragment of Ancient Egyptian glass. The fragment is of an irregular shape and is made from opaque green-blue glass.

Great Pyramid and Sphinx, Egypt

A sepia photograph of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, with men and camels in the foreground. 200mm x 270mm

Hieroglyphic Stone

This is a piece of Ancient Egyptian limestone. The upper half of the stone has an engraved hieroglyphic inscription. It is possible that a low relief sculpture has broken off from beneath the stone.


A Predynastic Egyptian drop-shaped vase or jar, from Nubia, 3050BC. It has a rounded base and body that narrows towards the rim. The vessel is made from a beige fabric and has traces of burning. The site ...


A Roman period Egyptian teardrop shape lamp. It has a hole in the spout for a wick. There are two holes at the top for filling the lamp as well as moulded foliage decoration. The lamp is broken at the ...


A Roman period Egyptian lamp. It is described as a 'candlestick' due to its shape. The lamp is roughly circular in shape, with eight spouts around the edge for wicks. There is also a hole in the centre, ...


A Roman style drop-shaped lamp, from Egypt, with a hole for the spout. The hole in the top, for filling the lamp, has been offset due to the moulded decoration of a figure.


An Egyptian style circular lamp, with a wide spout attached. It is made from a dark ceramic and has a large hole in the centre of the top for filling the lamp. A hole has been pierced through the edge ...


An Egyptian style circular lamp, with a wide spout attached. It is made from a dark ceramic and has a hole in the centre of the top for filling the lamp. There is moulded decoration around the hole at ...


A broken image of an Egyptian deity. It was originally a lamp in the shape of the head of Bes. The spout of the lamp and uraeus serpent have broken off. The lamp is made from orange coloured clay and ...

Metacarpal Bone

One of two bones taken from a mummy which may have been the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu, at the Great Pyramid at Giza. The bone is either a metacarpal or metatarsal from the hands or feet.


A Roman mortarium (mixing bowl) from Pan Rock, Whitstable. It is circular with a deep flange and is made of beige clay with a gritted interior. The maker's name is stamped on either side of the spout. ...

Mummy Fragment

This is a fragment of an Egyptian Mummy. The bone has been wrapped in papyrus, which bears an inscription in ink, and has then been bound in woven cloth. The bone is possibly part of the forearm.


An Ancient Egyptian necklace. It is made from beads of faience, limestone and pottery, strung on to a cotton thread.