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Beaker. Chelsea

Beaker Chelsea c.1745-1748 A Chelsea 'Teaplant Beaker' moulded with flowers.

Beaker. Fulham

Fulham ware stoneware beaker, with a brown glaze 1671-1800 It has raised decoration of a cottage, 'Uncle Toby' and a stag hunt.

Beaker. Leamington Spa

Copy of a Lowestoft bell beaker Found in the River Leam, Leamington Spa Nineteenth Century A hard paste porcelain beaker with a handle bearing blue painted decoration of flowers and a bird. The beaker ...

Bed Pan

White ceramic wedge shaped bed pan with handle. The inscription on the inside reads: 'The New/ Slipper Bed Pan/ This slipper should be passed under/ the Patient in front between the legs/ If a flannel ...

Beer Jug

Old English glass beer jug of baluster form. The body is engraved with hops, barley and initials. There is a short stem between the foot and the body. This glass is rare and was possibly made to commemorate ...

Beer Mug

Crystal beer mug, made in Stourbridge. It has a cut vertical 'spear' decoration. The glass has a half pint capacity, c.1963.


This bell was used to summon servants and belonged to local author George Eliot. It came from the bedroom [?] of Bird Grove House in Coventry where she lived with her father. The bell was found during ...

Bellarmine Jug

Brown stoneware jug c.1610 It bears a bearded mask moulded onto the shoulder. It also has a device of stems and leaves moulded into the body within a patterned eliptical border.

Bellarmine Jug

Mottled brown stoneware jug c.1600 There is a bearded mask drawn with prominent eyebrows and teeth on the shoulder. There is also an antlered head moulded into the body within a circular wreath, surrounded ...

Bellarmine Jug

Stoneware jug c.1620 Grey-white stoneware jug, with a raised bearded mark on the shoulder.


Bellows from Foleshill. They are made from a long metal tube with a fan at one end. An attached rotating wheel causes the fan to operate and blow air down the tube. Bellows are used to help light fires ...

Blotter - open

This is a blotter that was owned by the author George Eliot. It is signed by Eliot and her husband John Cross. The names and addresses of her piano maker, solicitor and T.A. Trollope also appear. George ...


A turned wooden bobbin without beads attached.


A turned wooden bobbin. A piece of twisted metal and blue and white beads are attached.


A turned wooden bobbin with a ring attached.


A turned wooden bobbin. It has a twisted metal wire and green and white beads attached.


A bone bobbin with no beads attached.


A bone bobbin with no beads attached.