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Choka Axe

An African axe called a Choka, made from a long wooden handle with a hole for the iron axe head, which has a flange shaped blade.

Choka Axe

An African axe, called a Choka, with a flange iron axe head which is shafted onto a long wooden handle.

Cobbler's Hammer

This hammer is from the cobbler W. Smith and son of Bath Street, Leamington Spa. A name was stamped into the iron head of the hammer, but this is now illegible, and the handle is broken. In 1875 William ...

Cobbler's Hammer

This is a cobbler's hammer from W. Smith and Son of Bath Street, Leamington Spa. The iron head and handle of the hammer are made all in one. In 1875 William Smith bought the shoe shop at 58 Bath Street, ...

Collection of metal objects

Iron arrowhead (top left) bronze tweezers and four iron girdle-buckles. 6th Century A.D. Tweezers 67mm; Arrowhead 53mm 1922/23 excavations

Cooking Pot

This iron cooking pot has a capacity of one and a half gallons.

Corn Hook

This corn hook is made of a long, iron rod with a short, wooden handle.


Old English iron cresset. It is an iron basket made of concentric rings of iron and was used for holding material for making a torch. It has a long metal bracket to fix it to a wall.

Decorative Ironwork from J. Clark and Sons

This is a piece of decorative ironwork from J. Clark and Sons. It is possible that this is a handle and there are two holes in the plate at the top for fixings. J. Clark and Sons were whitesmiths, locksmiths ...


A tool for drilling heavy wood. It is made from a long wooden pole which is pierced by an iron rod. The iron rod is joined to an iron cog wheel with a drill bit at its centre. The separate parts are connected ...

Fire improver bellows

This is a set of mechanical bellows with a nozzle, drum and mahogany handle. It is just possible to read the maker's name - Clark - on the drum. Embossed on the drum are the Royal Arms flanked by 'No ...

Fire plate

An iron fire plate with an embossed figure holding a shield and spear. It was taken from the Leamington Spa branch of the West of England Assurance Company.


This is a 'Japanned' metal oval footpath, with twin gilt bands around the body. It has scroll handles on its sides. It is British and is dated around 1850. Height 235mm, Length 477mm, Width 325mm

Goffering Iron

Hand held goffering iron for plaiting or crimping.

Goose Iron

This is a tailor's Goose iron. It is a 14lb iron used to press suits before they were presented to the customer at Hall & Son Tailors in Leamington Spa. The iron is black with a decorative twisted handle....

Grave Goods

Collection of metal objects including two small, matching, bronze square-headed brooches and a gilded pendant (right). 6th Century A.D. 1922/23 excavations (Grave 187)


An iron griddle, used for baking flat cakes over an open fire.

Gun - Blunderbuss

A small flintlock blunderbuss, probably Indian. It is in poor condition and the lock is crudely made. The frizzen-spring and sear spring are missing. The mainspring is functional. The ramrod pipe and ...