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Leamington Spa. Rev Charles Rickmore

Portrait of Rev. Charles Rickmore D.D., incumbent of Christ Church, Leamington Spa 1856-70. Came to Leamington from Berkswell Hall. Died at his home, "Highlands", Leamington, later 48, Heath Terrace ...

Leamington Spa. Rev. Dr. Wood

Studio portrait of the Reverend Dr. Wood. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Rev. E Raven

The Rev. E Raven, member of the Leamington Chess Club, Leamington Spa. 1880s

Letter from Reverend G Arbuthnot

A Letter from Rev G Arbuthnot of Lemington Spa regarding the loss of Archdeaconary letters. 27th June 1922.

Newspaper Cutting

A newspaper cutting from Leamington Spa. The article describes life as the wife of a parson.

Nuneaton. Canon H .W. Blellairs, vicar

Studio photograph of Canon Henry Walford Bellairs, Vicar of Nuneaton from 1872 to 1893. He was educated at Oxford, and became an Inspector of Schools under the Peel government. He also founded The Cheltenham ...

Nuneaton. St Nicolas church flagpole

St Nicholas Church, Nuneaton. Workers erecting new flagpole. Mr. A. Turner, verger, on right. 1953

Portrait of a Preacher

Leamington A pencil drawn portrait of a preacher, by Hook.

Portrait of Clergymen

A studio portrait of a group of five unidentified clergymen, c.1920. They were probably associated with All Saints Parish Church in Leamington Spa. This photograph was produced by Godfrey Allen of 54 ...

Portrait of Curate F J Deane

A sepia portrait photograph by Charles Speight, of Curate F.J. Deane. The portrait is of the head and shoulders. 103mm x 64mm.

Portrait of Rector R B Wilson

A sepia portrait photograph of Rector R.B. Wilson. 105mm x 63mm.

Portrait of Reverend John Craig

A black and white photograph of the Reverend John Craig. He was Vicar of All Saints Parish Church, Leamington Spa, 1839-1877. 240mm x 195mm

Portrait of Reverend W. C. Furneaux

A black and white photograph of Reverend W.C. Furneaux. He was vicar of All Saints Parish Church, Leamington Spa, 1884-1896. 380mm x 305mm

Portrait of Reverend Yeatman-Biggs

Ink on paper The Right Reverend Huyshe Wolcott Yeatman-Biggs 525mm x 350mm By Edward Patry The print depicts a portrait of the Reverend Yeatman-Biggs holding his spectacles in his right hand and some ...

Portrait of the Reverence A. Nicholson

Black and white half length photographic portrait of the Reverend A. Nicholson, Vicar of St Albans church, Leamington Spa, 1881. 135mm x 90mm

Raphael Holinshed, The... Chronicles, 1577, 'History of Scotland', - a sermon, woodcut, p.144, detail.

Sermons: frequently heard by Shakespeare. Regular attendance at church made all Elizabethans familiar with sermons delivered by the local, or visiting clergy. In Shakespeare's comedies especially, ...

Revd. Edward Willes, M.A.

Ink on paper Revd. Edward Willes, M.A. By W. Artaud, by John P. Quilley 365mm x 265mm The print depicts a portrait of an elderly gentleman with white hair.

Reverend Canon Frederick Barre Feist, Vicar of Leamington

A photograph of Reverend Canon Frederick Barre Feist, Vicar of Leamington in the 1920s. The reverse of the photograph has been printed as a postcard. This photograph is by Ernest Wells of Leamington Spa....