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Bronze sculpture of Shakespeare

This bronze statue was designed for the entrance foyer of the Shakespeare Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon, the building being formally opened in conjunction with the Quatercentenary Celebrations in 1964. ...

Bronze Shakespeare Medal

An bronze medal struck in 1821. This side features a portrait adapted from the Droeshout engraving for the 1623 First Folio. Inscription: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. BORN APRIL 23 1564. DIED APRIL 23 1616. Identity ...

Bronze statue of Shakespeare

Made in the nineteenth-century by Eugene Cornu This French artist essentially follows the archetypal depiction of Shakespeare established by the Chandos and Chesterfield portraits. Identity number ...

Bust of George Eliot - side

This bust in Parian ware depicts George Eliot, and is inscribed E-L-I-O-T at its base. It was sculpted by H.L.A Willis, who worked in Stoke-on-Trent in the early twentieth century. George Eliot (born ...


John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Buzzi Pencil and charcoal on paper 170mm x 160mm Portrait of a gentleman facing left. This is one of many images collected in a large scrapbook.

Café Royal

Walter Richard Sickert (1860 - 1942) Café Royal or The Barnacle Woman Ink on paper 150mm x 100mm This etching depicts a seated woman wearing a large black hat.

Canadian Quatercentenary Medal

This silver medal was issued by the city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada to mark the four-hundredth anniversary in 1964 of Shakespeare's birth. This profile differs markedly from the conventional depictions ...

Caricature Of John George Jackson

Thomas Earle (fl. 1836-1885) Caricature Of John George Jackson Pencil and pastel on paper 526mm x 356mm Caricature of a man standing on stilts, there is a crowd of men below him. John George Jackson was ...

Caricature Of Owen White - Auctioneer

Thomas Earle (fl. 1836-1885) Caricature Of Owen White - Auctioneer Pencil and pastel on paper 510mm x 340mm A caricature of an auctioneer standing on a platform, a crowd of other men are watching him.

Carnival, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph of a woman dressed as a mermaid at a carnival in Leamington Spa.

Carved Bust of Shakespeare - left-hand side

This mulberry-wood carving appears to have been copied from the Holy Trinity Church memorial bust. Henry Cooper, the carver, worked for the watchmaker and entrepreneur Thomas Sharp. Following the ...

Catherine Long

Marc Quinn Sculpture, 2002. A full life sized sculpture of Catherine Long in Macedonian white marble. Purchased with support from the National Art Collections Fund, MLA/V&A Purchase Grant Fund and The ...

Charles Hennell from a sketch by Mrs Bray.

Charles Hennell from a watercolour sketch by Mrs Bray. Charles was the younger brother of Sara Hennell. He was, at the time Mary Ann knew him, a London merchant. He had studied deeply and was a Unitarian. George ...

Choosing a Mask

Charles Ricketts (1866-1931) Choosing a Mask Oil on canvas 430mm x 380mm A naked man is sitting and trying on a mask with his back to the viewer. There are many other masks on the wall in front of him....

City of London School Medal

A silver medal awarded as a prize by the City of London School. Designed by Benjamin Wyon. This side shows a portrait of Shakespeare. Identity number SBT 1999-38/61

Civil Defence Display

Black and white photograph By Courier Photographic Services 164mm x 215mm A photograph of a man signing up at the Civil Defence Corps.

Clifford Chambers. Mr. Crossley

Mr Crossley with arm in sling, Clifford Chambers. 1900s

Clifford Chambers. Mr. Sam Field

Mr Sam Field, clerk at Clifford Mill, Clifford Chambers. 1900s