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Travel Poster - Thomas Cook & Son's 'Winter Sunshine'

A poster advertising Thomas Cook & Son's 'Winter Sunshine'. The poster depicts a middle-eastern street scene, possibly in Morocco, with a large white domed building in the centre background.

Travel Poster - Thomas Cook's 'Winter Sunshine'

Thomas Cook & Son Ltd A poster from London advertising Thomas Cook's Winter Sunshine. The poster depicts a man and woman holding a parasol. Beneath them there is an archway looking out at a bay. There ...

Travel Poster - Trento, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Trento, Italy. It depicts a memorial with statues. Mountains and a cable car are in the background.

Travel Poster - Varazze, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Varazze, Italy. It depicts a smartly dressed woman seated on a balcony overlooking a coast town, with the sea and headland in the background.

Travel Poster - Vendee, Saintonge and the Littoral de l'Ocean

A poster advertising excursions to the Vendee, Saintonge and the Littoral de l'Ocean. The poster depicts a landscape with green fields and ruins with a tree in the foreground and a town in the background. ...

Travel Poster - Vitznau, Switzerland

A poster advertising Vitznau, Switzerland. It depicts a girl in a red dress with her back to the viewer standing beside a lake. The figure is surrounded by pink and white blossom and flowers with mountains ...

Travel Poster - Vosges, France

A poster advertising winter sports in Vosges, France. It depicts an art deco-style, geometric silhouette of a skier, in shades of blue and black, 1929.

Travel Poster - Vulpera, Switzerland

A poster advertising Vulpera, Switzerland It depicts a fountain by an archway with crowds of people. There is a forest and mountains in the background.

Travel Poster - World Press Exhibition in the Rhine

A poster advertising the World Press Exhibition in the Rhine, Koln. The poster depicts a red rectangular building with a tower on the left and a long queue of people outside. There is a dark blue silhouette ...

Travel Poster - Ypres

A poster advertising the dioramas of the bastilles of Ypres. The poster depicts a soldier dressed in brown with a helmet and rifle. Barbed wire coils are at his feet and there are buildings in the background....

Travel Poster - Zeebrugge Museum, Belgium

A poster from Zeebrugge. It is advertising the Zeebrugge Museum, Belgium. The poster depicts a battle scene with a map below it of Zeebrugge harbour showing the location of the museum.

Tredington. Road leading out of the village

Road leading out of Tredington, The White Lion Inn with sign saying, "Flowers & Sons, Stratford on Avon, Ales & Stout" on wall. Two cars parked outside. A cottage. 1920s

Warwick. Friars Street

Old house in Friars Street, previously a shop, Warwick. 1950

Willenhall Token

English Willenhall copper token, 1844 Diameter 21mm The obverse features a padlock, catch and rattle with the inscription 'LET WILLENHALL FLOURISH' and the date below. The reverse features the inscription ...

Withybrook. Half Moon Inn

Half Moon Inn and cottages in Withybrook. 1936

Wolston. Supply Stores

The Supply Stores, Warwick Road, Wolston. The shop was owned by B.M. Page from approx. 1907 to 1940. 1930s

Woodwards Department Store Carrier Bag

Large sized blue and white plastic carrier bag from Woodwards.

Woodwards Department Store, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph of a display advertising the Courtaulds exhibition at Woodwards Department Store, Leamington Spa, c.1959.