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Water Orton. Overton House

Overton House, Coleshill Road, Water Orton. 1950s

Water Orton. Village street

A view down one of the streets of Water Orton. 1940s

Water Orton. Watton House

Watton House, Lichfield Road, Water Orton which was demolished in 1959.

Welford on Avon. 'Sunny Side' cottage

Child outside 'Sunny Side' cottage, Welford on Avon. 1900s

Welford on Avon. "The Four Gables "

Welford on Avon. " The Four Gables "

Wellesbourne. Bridge Street

Bridge Street looking towards Chestnut Square. 1920s

Wellesbourne. Bridge Street

Bridge Street, Wellesbourne. 1910s

Wellesbourne. Central Cottages

Semi-detached houses known as Central Cottages, Wellesbourne. 1920s [These houses were built by a local builder called JT Thorpe in 1929]

Wellesbourne. Church Street

Church Street, Wellesbourne. 1910s

Weston on Avon. Milcote Cottages

Milcote cottages, Weston-on-Avon. 1900s [The picture is of Milcote Hall Cottages and was not built until the mid-1950s. Weston-on-Avon is at least 2.5km away at the time this photograph was taken.

Weston under Wetherley. Village scene

The village, Weston under Wetherley. 1910s

Whitacre, Nether. Cottage homes

Cottages Homes for orphans. Nether Whitacre. 1912

White Villas

This is an oil painting on board depicting a simple scene of a row of white houses. There are figures in the street in the foreground, including a couple walking, a small dog and a pony and trap. It was ...

Whitnash. Cottages

Thatched and timbered cottages in Whitnash. 1930s

Willey. Railway crossing

View from Willey railway crossing, with Joe Pratt's house in the foreground. May 27th 1964

Willoughby. New housing

New houses in Willoughby. 1920s

Willoughby. Vale House

Vale House, Willoughby. 1920s

Willoughby. Village street

A Willoughby street with houses and a parked car. 1935