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Railway Booklet

This railway booklet lists the longitudes, latitudes and times of major ports and towns in the British Empire compared to Greenwich.

Randolph Turpin Memorial Fund Auction and Dinner Programme

A black and white printed programme for an auction and dinner on 14th January 2000 in aid of the Randolph Turpin memorial fund.

Randolph Turpin Sculpture Souvenir Programme

This souvenir programme was issued to commemorate the unveiling of Carl Payne's sculpture of Randolph Turpin in Warwick Market Square on the 10th July 2001. The programme has been autographed by the boxers ...

Rate Receipt

A rate receipt issued to Miss Hill for an assessment made on 26 June 1834. It was collected by Edward Cooper on 13 March 1835 and 1st July 1835.

Receipt for Agricultural Goods

This receipt for agricultural goods was issued by Joseph Ellis and Sons Ltd. of Regent Street, Leamington Spa, on 28th February 1934.

Recruitment Leaflet

A yellow paper leaflet with black printing appealing for recruits.

Recruitment Leaflet

A printed leaflet from London, requesting single men to enlist.

Recruitment Leaflet for the Royal Warwickshire Regiment

A wartime recruitment leaflet requesting recruits for the 5th Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Red Cross Letter Concerning Fund Raising

This letter was sent by Bridget Ratcliff, on behalf of the Duchess of Marlborough, to Mrs Gibbs. It thanks her for her fundraising efforts for the Red Cross and Rural Penny-a-Week Fund. The letter was ...

Red Printed Advertisement

A red, printed advertisement for 'A Valuable Life Policy', for sale by Messrs Cookes & Southorn at the Crown Hotel, Leamington Spa, 28 February 1894.

Regent Garage Leaflet

A fold out leaflet from Leamington Spa advertising the Regent Garage. The leaflet is on white paper with blue, black, green and yellow printing. It lists the services provided by the Regent Garage. The ...

Regent Hotel Bill

This bill was issued by the Regent Hotel, Leamington Spa, on 26-27 November 1896. It includes charges for breakfasts, brandy and aerated waters. The Regent Hotel opened in 1819 to accomodate the fashionable ...

Regent Hotel Booklet

This booklet was written by Frank Cridlan, the proprietor of the Regent Hotel, Leamington Spa. It was published for the unveiling, by Earl Spencer, of the Heritage Panel at the Regent Hotel, on 17 November ...

Regent Hotel Breakfast Menu

This is a laminated, breakfast menu card from the Regent Hotel in Leamington Spa. The menu is printed in English and German on one side, and French and Italian on the other.

Regent Hotel, Phoenix Bar, Leamington Spa

This leaflet was produced to publicise The Regent Phoenix Bar at the Regent Hotel, Leamington Spa. The leaflet was written by Frank Cridland, the proprietor of the hotel, in August 1993.

Regulations for Leamington Priors Cemetry

A booklet with a green cover and black printing. It details the regulations for Leamington Priors cemetery and was published in April 1885.

Restaurant and Confectioner's Bill

Printed and handwritten bill from Powell Brothers Restauranteurs, Cooks & Confectioners at 71 and 146 The Parade, Leamington Spa. The bill is for the late Mrs Hamilton Davies and is dated 30th November ...

Restaurant and Confectioner's Receipt

A black, white and blue printed and handwritten receipt from Dr Davis to Powell Bros., Restaurateurs, Cooks and Confectioners, The Parade, Leamington Spa. The receipt gives details of groceries with their ...