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Warwick. Woodloes House

Tom Ledbrook, Stanley Ledbrook and Miss Foll standing at the entrance to Woodloes House. circa 1890

Warwickshire mining family.

Studio photograph of an unknown collier and his family. 1900s

Warwickshire. Education office staff

Warwickshire Education Staff. Back row from left to right: P. Walters, L.P. Lapworth, W.G. Dickens, R.J. Stubbings, Major Reger, G.H. Paynting, E.V. Humphreys, P.J. Lees, Miss A.V. Colbourne. Front ...

Water Orton. Group 1 school photograph

Water Orton school, group 1 class photograph. 1900s

Wayzgoose for Coventry Printers

Group photograph of workers during an annual outing.

Wedding Photograph, Hampshire

Black and white photograph 125mm x 89mm A photograph taken at the wedding of the donor, Anne Sankey, on the 16th April 1963. The wedding party is pictured outside the reception venue in Hampshire. Dorothy ...

Wellesbourne. School Bonfire

Wellesbourne school bonfire. 1914

Whichford. Bert Smith and his wife

Studio portrait of Bert Smith, World War One soldier, and his wife. Whichford. 1910s

Whichford. Farmyard

Farmyard, with roofless barn, horse and cart, two men, (one of whom is wearing a black arm band), two women and farmyard fowls, Whichford. 1900s.[It is suggested that part of the property was used by ...

Whichford. Row of terraced cottages

Cottages with young people and boys, one with delivery basket in Whichford. 1910s

Whichford. School group

A group of Whichford school pupils with their teacher. 1900s

Whichford. School pupils

Pupils and teachers at Whichford school. 1925

Whichford. Slatter family cycling

Members of the Slatter family and their bicycles at Whichford. 1900s

Whitacre, Nether. School group

Nether Whitacre school group in 1885. In the back row 3rd and 5th from the left are the Parlett brothers and 1st and 2nd from the right are John and William Collins. 1885

Winderton. Joseph and Thistle Hitchman

Studio portrait of Joseph Hitchman (born 1823 in Winderton), agricultural workman and his granddaughter Thistle May Hitchman (born 1901). Photo c.1902

Wolston. School group

A group of schoolchildren and their teacher in Wolston. 1910s

Woman and Child

A black and white photograph of a woman standing behind a child seated in a chair. The woman and child are on a path and there are trees and shrubs behind them. The child is Ethel May Harrison's daughter ...

Woodwards Department Store Leamington Spa, Staff Outing

Black and white photograph /postcard of Woodwards' Staff 1935 Outing to Lilleshall or possibly the Cadbury factory.