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Warwick. St Paul's Church children's pantomime

St Paul's Church children dressed in pantomime costume, Warwick. 1920s

Warwick. Warwick School boys

Group of boys from "B" House at Warwick School. 1914/15

Wax Head Doll

This doll has a wax-over composition head. The head was made from composition - a paper or wood pulp mixture, and then dipped in wax. The brown glass eyes were inserted in holes in the head. The body ...

Wax Head Doll

This doll's head and limbs have been made by the poured wax method. A hot wax mixture was poured into a plaster mould and left to set. When solid, the head was removed from the mould and finished off ...

Wax Head Doll

This doll was made by the Pierotti workshop. Originally from Italy, the Pierotti family set up a wax-modelling business in England in the early 19th century. They made doll's heads and limbs by pouring ...

Wax Head Doll

This doll has a wax-over-composition head. The head was made from composition - a paper or wood pulp mixture, and then coated with a thin layer of wax.It has a fabric body and legs, with pink leather ...

Wax Head Dolls

These twin dolls have wax-over-composition heads. The composition head was made from a paper or wood pulp mixture, and then dipped in wax. These dolls have real hair, inserted into holes in their heads. ...

Weddington. Bomb damage

Woman and child outside bomb-damaged house, Weddington. 1940s [The woman and child pictured in front of the house at 43 Castle Road, Weddington, are Mrs Lily Sargent and her daughter Eileen Sargent.]...

Where Children Play And Seagulls Fly

Dorothea Sharp (1874-1955) Where Children Play And Seagulls Fly Oil on canvas 900mm x 900mm Scene with a woman holding a child and a young boy, they are paddling. The boy is feeding seagulls.

Whitacre, Nether. School group

Nether Whitacre school group in 1885. In the back row 3rd and 5th from the left are the Parlett brothers and 1st and 2nd from the right are John and William Collins. 1885

Whitnash. Empire Day celebrations

Group of children in fancy dress with some adults celebrating Empire Day, Whitnash. 1920s. [Images of England -Whitnash by Jean Field Pages 62/63 describes the scene as May Day Celebrations 22nd May ...

Whitnash. Landor's Cottages

Landor's Cottages, Whitnash, with children standing in the road. 1900s

Whitnash. May Day celebrations

Group of children celebrating May Day in Whitnash. 1920s

Whitnash. Prince of Wales visit

Group of children with decorated bicycles, prams etc. and other children and adults looking on, celebrating the Prince of Wales visit to Leamington Spa. 1924

Wooden Doll

This early doll has a wooden head and jointed body, with leather arms. The head and body are made from one piece of wood, turned on a lathe and then carved. Wooden dolls like this, made in the 18th ...

Wooden Doll

Dolls like this are often called 'Dutch Dolls' or 'Peg Woodens'. They were cheap to make and buy, and were simple in design. They were turned on a lathe and then carved and painted, with peg joints at ...

Wooden Dolls

This group of little 'Peg Wooden' dolls are made of wood, with painted features and peg joints. They were probably made in Germany or Austria, from where they were exported to other countries. They ...

Wooden Toys

These wooden toys were made during World War II (1939 - 1945). They were made by German prisoners of war, who were doing agricultural work in the Warwick area. They were made for the children of a ...