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Cubbington. Lutterworth End (now Church Lane)

Women, children and pets standing in front of thatched and timbered cottages in Lutterworth End (now Church Lane), Cubbington. 1900s For more detailed information refer to - Cubbington by G.F.Peppitt....

Cubbington. Queen Street

Thatched and timbered cottages at the lower end of Queen Street, Cubbington. In the foreground is a water pump above a well which would have served several cottages. Standing behind is Mrs Wells and ...

Dutchman and his Wife

Willem Van Mieris A Dutchman and his Wife Oil on wood 370mm x 320mm Domestic interior with a man and his wife in the foreground. The lady is sitting holding a dog, her husband is standing behind to her ...

Edmondscote Manor Coronation Street Party - Invitation

An invitation to a Mr and Mrs Britten and family to the Edmondscote Manor coronation street party. The invitation features a list of the events that will take place. It has a blue card cover with a red, ...

Family Group

John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Family Group Pencil on paper 185mm x 260mm This is one of many drawings collected in a large scrapbook.

Family Group

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a family group (father, mother, son and daughter) seated indoors, but the family are unknown. The two children are holding books which might be prayer books ...

Frances Evelyn Brooke, the Countess of Warwick, and her son Maynard

A photographic portrait of Frances Evelyn Brooke, Countess of Warwick (also known as 'Daisy') and her son Maynard, who was born in 1898. The pair are seen seated in a window. As the Countess of Warwick, ...

George Eliot, Brother and Sister, 1st Edition - title page

These poems draw on her relationship with her brother Isaac and their childhood growing up in Nuneaton. George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress based in the Coventry and Nuneaton ...

Goya 2/4 - Letters From The Artist (Dear Amber)

Terry Atkinson (born 1939) Goya 2/4 - Letters from the Artist (Dear Amber), 1986 Mixed media on board 1200mm x 2400mm

Hampton Lucy. Avon Ford Cottage Garden

Avon Ford Cottage garden, Hampton Lucy. Two women with flowers. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Avon Ford Cottage Porch

Avon Ford Cottage porch, Hampton Lucy. Two women, seated, with baby and dog. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Edith and Mabel Passmore at Avon Ford Cottage

Edith & Mabel Passmore in garden of Avon Ford Cottage, Hampton Lucy. 1916

Hampton Lucy. Fairfax-Lucy family at Maxton, Scotland

Fairfax-Lucy family and donkey at Maxton, Scotland, Hampton Lucy. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Group of People outside Avon Cottage

"Mother" Passmore, Joe Neal, Miss S Neal and an old lady, in front of Avon Cottage, Hampton Lucy. 1900s

Japanese Dolls

Not all dolls were made to play with. These Japanese Festival Dolls (hina-ningyo) represent Samurai warriors. They were brought out on 'Tango-no-skku' (Boys' Festival) and displayed in the home. Festival ...

Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph of the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. There is a tree in blosson to the left of the image and to the right there is a family walking past the lake fountains. 117mm x 164mm...

Labourer's Home, Whitnash

A black and white print of an engraving that was published in the London Illustrated News, 13 April 1872. It shows a scene inside a labourer's home at Whitnash.

Leamington Spa. Beauchamp Hall Christmas Party

Midnight party, Christmas 1901 at Beauchamp Hall now demolished. in Beauchamp Square which no longer exists. "Tree" is probably Arthur Magie Tree (1863 -1914) He and his wife, the daughter of Marshall ...