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Broadgate at Night, Looking South, Coventry

Two trams with advertisement on them can be seen in the foreground of the image.

Cartoon Advertising Chamberlain's Cough Remedy

A black and white cartoon on a postcard. The caption reads 'Cape Town, 1st May 1916/ 'When you cough, sneeze and groan - you've got it!/ Take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and get fit/ yours for Health, ...

Civil Defence Display

Black and white photograph By E. Michael Price 164mm x 215mm A photograph of both men and women of the Civil Defence Corp on a river float to advertise the war effort. A sign reads 'Please Don't Leave ...

Clifton upon Dunsmore. Village street

Probably Market Harborough Road, Clifton upon Dunsmore. 1920s [The first shop on the left was the Post Office. The brick wall on the left was part of Allans Farm. The chimney rising behind the hoardings ...

Coleshill. High Street

View of High Street, Coleshill. 1900s

Coleshill. High Street and Blythe Road Crossing

Child's fish and chip shop, James grocers and Linforth's shop on the left with the blind cut, High Street and Blythe Road crossing, Coleshill. 1950s

Female Christy's Minstrels Poster

A long blue poster with black printing advertising the Female Christy's Minstrels at the Public Hall in Leamington Spa, November 1860. The poster depicts five ladies playing musical instruments and dancing. ...

Grand National Archery Meeting Poster, Leamington Spa

This is a framed poster advertising the Grand National Archery Meeting in 1851. The poster is printed on white paper with red and black printing. A scene at a competition is depicted at the top, 1851.

Henley in Arden. Golden Cross Hotel

The Golden Cross Hotel, High Street, Henley in Arden. 1920s

Henley in Arden. Market Cross

The market cross, Henley in Arden. 1920s [I have this postcard in my possession, I have dated it between 1933 and 1937]

Hillmorton. Balcombe Road

New housing estate at Hillmorton Paddox, Rugby. 1933

Kenilworth. Warwick Road

General view of Warwick Road, Kenilworth. 1920s

Kingswood. Village street

Village Street looking towards a road junction, Kingswood. 1920s

Lapworth. Daimler car outside garage

Daimler - 25hp, in garage entrance at Lapworth. This car was registered to Cheshire Garage, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath in 1921. Picture also shows a selection of bicycles and a garage worker. 1920s...

Lapworth. Stores

The Stores at Lapworth, owned by C. Potterton. This was the post office, grocers and provision merchants and also a corn factory. There are two horse and carts standing outside and also a gentleman on ...

Leamington Bach Choir Present 'The Passion'

An advertising leaflet for the Leamington Bach Choir's presentation of The Passion on 26 March 1953. The leaflet is printed on white paper with pink lettering.

Leamington Boys Mission Anniversary Service Leaflet

A white leaflet with black printing. It advertises the 90th Anniversary Service of the Leamington Boys Mission on the 27th October 1963. The Mission was based in the chapel on George Street, Leamington ...

Leamington Boys Mission Annual Prize Giving Leaflet

A white leaflet with black printing dated 10th April 1963. It advertises the Annual Prize giving for 1964 at Leamington Boys Mission, Leamington Spa.