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Bronze 'Spangle'

This small triangle of metal may have been part of a string of beads, and would have sparkled and jangled. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze 'Stud'

This worn disc-headed bronze stud was old when it was placed into the bag at the Cunning Woman’s left hip. It may have been an heirloom or amulet. The other surface is plain. AD 410 - AD 600

Charlecote. Tumbledown stile

Girl leaning over tumbledown stile. Photograph has "CHARLECOTE PARK Summer 1914 Exhibition" written on back. Charlecote. 1914

Cherington. Dickins family servants

Group of family servants with Mrs Dickins of Cherington House. 1895 Back row from left - Elizabeth Sturch, H. Woodward, L. Cooper and T. Lewingdon. Front row from left - Mrs Woodward, E. Sexston and ...

Cherington. Group of ladies

A group of ladies with their musical instruments, Cherington. 1894

Cherington. Group of ladies

Group of ladies outside Cherington House. 1890s. From left - Lucy, Louisa Furneaux, Selina, Carry, Edith Bustler, Alice Furneaux and Mrs Dickins.

Clifford Chambers. Colonel and Mrs Studdy

Colonel and Mrs Studdy and another lady at manor house, Clifford Chambers. 1901

Clifford Chambers. Mr. Crossley

Mr Crossley with arm in sling, Clifford Chambers. 1900s

Clifford Chambers. Richard Sydney Smith

Richard Sydney Smith, miller, of Clifford Chambers Lodge. 1900s [The Smith family were millers in Clifford Chambers between 1872 and 1926.]

Clifford Chambers. Village children dressed for May Day

Group of village children dressed for May Day celebrations at Red Hill House, Clifford Chambers. 1906

Clifford Chambers. William Hunt

William Hunt, farmer or farm worker, Clifford Chambers. 1890s

Coleshill. Beggars Well

The Beggars Well, Coleshill. with a lady leaning on the well. 1900s

Combrook. Women and children in front of cottages

A group of women and children, standing in front of cottages in Combrook. 1910s

Cubbington. May Day assembly

Mayday assembly in the school playground prior to parading round the village, Cubbington. Note the girls carrying flowers and the boys carrying flags. Circa 1910 For more detailed information refer ...

Cubbington. May Day celebrations

The May Queen about to process from the church to the school playground to be crowned, Cubbington. 1910s For more detailed information refer to - Cubbington by G.F.Peppitt.

Cubbington. May Day celebrations

The May Queen's procession about to move off from the vicarage garden to the school playground for the crowning ceremony, Cubbington. Circa 1910 For more detailed information refer to - Cubbington by ...

Cubbington. Mrs Wells at the village pump

Mrs Wells and child at village well in Queen Street, Cubbington. 1904

Cubbington. Two ladies

Two ladies of Cubbington sitting on rustic garden seat, one with knitting. 1904