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Boat Builders Shop, St. Ives

Bernard Ninnes (1899-1971) Boat Builders Shop, St. Ives Oil on canvas 710mm x 790mm Five men in a boat builders shop, there is a view of the sky and sea through windows in the background.

Booklet from Kimbolton School

A paperback booklet with a purple cover and black printing. The booklet gives information on the alterations to the buildings at Kimbolton School, June 1959.


A used orange brick which was discarded during building work at the Leamington Spa Library in October 1991. A name is stamped on the top.

Broadgate House Under Construction, Coventry

Crowd walking through Broadgate. Broadgate House under construction in background of image.

Chilvers Coton. Coton Arches, roundabout construction

Construction of new roundabout at Coton Arches, Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton. April 16th 1974

Clifford Chambers. Re-roofing the rectory

Re-roofing the rectory at Clifford Chambers. 1900s

Coventry Volunteers Constructing the Old Butts

Cubbington. Church tower

Cubbington church tower undergoing restoration. 1969

Curdworth. Lorry and workmen

Road maintenance with lorry and workmen, Curdworth. 1930s

Dunchurch. Building site

Building site in Dunchurch with group of workers. 1900s

Dunnington. Laying the foundation stone of the school

Laying the foundation stone of the schoolroom at Dunnington. 8 July 1909

Dunnington. Laying the school and hall foundation stone

Foundation Stone laying of the schoolroom and hall at Dunnington, on July 8th 1909. Dr. John Clifford opened the new hall on November 3rd 1909

Hillmorton. Balcombe Road

New housing estate at Hillmorton Paddox, Rugby. 1933

Hillmorton. Construction of bridge over Oxford Canal

Workers seen constructing a new bridge over the Oxford Canal at Crick Road, Hillmorton. December 1960

Hillmorton. High Street

Demolished buildings and Phipps' shop on High Street, Hillmorton. 1961 [It has been pointed out that this building is not a shop but in fact the end view of The Red Lion public house. Phipps is the ...

Leamington Spa Courier and Warwickshire Standard

A copy of the Leamington Spa Courier and Warwickshire Standard , dated 21st October 1882. It contains an account of the stone-laying ceremony for the new municipal buildings on The Parade.

Leamington Spa. All Saint's Church, bell tower

Construction of the western bell tower at All Saints Church, Leamington Spa, during the extensions to the church - 1897 -1902.

Leamington Spa. All Saint's Church, repairs

Stone masons repairing the Parish Church, Leamington Spa. 1956