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Attleborough Green.

Attleborough Green, Nuneaton. Showing a street with shops and a church spire beyond. 1951

Attleborough. Station Road

Station Road, Attleborough. Houses in background. 1920s [Attleborough, Warwickshire has never had a Station Road, nor a railway station. This photograph was taken in Attleborough, Norfolk from Surrogate ...

Basketweaver's sign

This basketweaver's sign was made as a silhouette. Its rectangular panel shows two figures weaving, with star motifs below. It has a separate stone plinth. The sign is British and dates from the 20th ...

Bearley. Snitterfield Road

Snitterfield Road, Bearley, with unusual water pump? on roadside. Children standing in road and cottages to left. 1900s

Bedworth. Coventry Road

A view of Coventry Road showing two motor cars, a tramcar and rails, Bedworth. 1930s

Bedworth. Market Square

Bedworth, Market Square with bus queue. 1946 [The man in the centre, with the brass buttons on his waistcoat is in the uniform of the Bedworth Alms Houses]

Bedworth. Newtown Road

Bedworth, looking along Newtown Road, showing a hand-cart on the pavement. 1920s

Bidford on Avon. High Street

High Street, Bidford on Avon, looking west from near Falcon Inn. 1899

Cartridge sign

This hollow painted metal sign, shaped as a shotgun cartridge with inscription, would have been designed for a gunsmith's or armourer's shop. It has a built-in wrought-iron bracket support. It dates from ...

Cobbler's sign

This cobbler's or shoe shop sign is made of painted wood and wrought iron. A silhouette shoe in shape, it is inscribed 'Lile Clog Shop' on both sides. It has a joined scrolling iron bracket. The sign ...

Coffee pot trade sign

This brass coffee shop sign is shaped as a large coffee-pot with a faceted baluster body. It has a separate lid. It come from Northern Europe, and dates from the late 19th century. Height 460 mm (including ...

Cubbington. "Stocks" for controlling horses

"Stocks" for controlling restless horses at the forge, Cubbington. 1900

Fenny Compton. School Hill

School Hill, Fenny Compton. Showing church tower, stone cottages and street lamp. 1930s

Fenny Compton. Village street and the butcher's shop

Part of village, Mill Lane, showing housing and butcher's shop, Fenny Compton. 1930s

Fishmonger's sign

This hanging fishmonger's sign in the form of a leaping fish, painted in pink, grey and green, is carved from pine. A carved wooden fish was a traditional sign which could be bought 'off the peg'. This ...

Golden fleece sign

This sign, a large ram suspended in a sling, is made of repoussé [beaten from the reverse] copper and gilt. It may have been used as an inn sign, or possibly a woollen draper's shop. The fleece sign is ...

Grater sign

This large metal grater has holes punched through from front to back and a wooden frame at the back. It may have been made as a trade sign. It comes from Northern Europe. Height 926 mm, Width 565 mm, ...

Grocer's / tea merchant's sign

This giant teapot, inscribed in English and Chinese, is made of painted and gilded papier mache. It was moulded in one piece, and has a non-removable lid. The teapot would have been the sign for either ...