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Coliseum Buildings, Jordan Well

Showing policeman in the middle of the road in front of building.

Corinthian Place, Manor Park Estate

Showing newly built apartment blocks.

Coronation Celebrations

Schoolchildren gather in square to celebrate the coronation of George V.

Coronation Celebrations, Henley Road

Street Party at Henley Road to celebrate the coronation of George VI.

Court 38 Spon Street

Three children sitting on the doorstep of a house, north side of court yard.

Courtauld's Ladies Hockey Team

Group photograph of team in uniform.

Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital Bomb Damage

Showing damage done to exterior of the building. A group of men can be seen clearing rubble in the foreground of image.

Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital, Main Entrance

Showing front exterior of building.

Coventry Art Student's Tin-peli-can

Coventry Art students walk beside a model pelican during the Coventry Carnival in aid to raise funds for the school.

Coventry Carnival

Showing a group of adults and children in fancy dress.

Coventry Factory Workers at Daimler

Male employees in aprons on the factory floor.

Coventry Hippodrome in Construction

View from Constitutional Club, Priory Row showing the new Hippodrome under construction.

Coventry Volunteers Constructing the Old Butts

Cross Cheaping

street view of Cross Cheaping showing shops, tram lines in road and people crossing the street.

Decorated Car at Coventry Carnival

Car decorated with flowers at Coventry Carnival. Man in costume stands behind the car holding a sign with 'the Queen of Flowers' written on it.

Early Coventry Penny Farthings

Walter Browett, William Thackhall Browett, and Alexander Percy Pridmore after their ride from Coventry to Land’s End and back on their Coventry Machinist Bicycles.

Enthronement of Bishop Gorton, St Michael's

Procession of clergy through the ruins of St. Michael's Cathedral.

Fire Station, Hales Street

Showing exterior of the building