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An Arab Boy

George Percy Jacomb-Hood (1857-1929) An Arab Boy Watercolour on paper 235mm x 340mm A painting of a boy reclining on the sand in Tangiers, Morocco.

An Old Bridge, Stoneleigh - A Sketch

Sarah Metcalf (fl. 1889-1909 d.1912)An Old Bridge, Stoneleigh - A Sketch Watercolour on paper 350mm x 250mm A view along a country lane at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Metcalf's tutor has written comments ...


Edwin Byatt (1888-1948) Anemones Watercolour on paper 280mm x 330mm A still life of flowers.

Antique China And Chinese Vase

William Bruce Ellis Ranken (1881-1941) Antique China And Chinese Vase Oil on canvas 660mm x 480mm A painting depicting a large central vase, with smaller vases to each side. There is a plate containing ...


Mabel J. Hillson (1887-1986) Apples, 1918 Oil on canvas 340mm x 505mm A still life painting of a bowl of apples, with two more to the left.

Apples and Nuts

William Henry Hunt (1790-1864)Apples And Nuts Watercolour on paper 235mm x 340mm Still life with apples, nuts and rosehips, against a mossy bank.

Approach to Rome

Sir Charles John K.C. Holmes (1868-1936) Approach to Rome, 1935 Oil on canvas 500mm x 600mm View of the Porta Furba on the Via Tuscolana, Rome. Part of the old Aqua Claudia is also visible.

April Showers

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) April Showers Watercolour on paper 240mm x 390mm Landscape scene with a river and a stormy sky overhead.

Argument's Yard, Whitby

Violet Lindsell (1912-1927(fl)) Argument's Yard, Whitby Watercolour on paper 330mm x 240mm The painting depicts a scene at Argument's Yard in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

At Lillington

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) At Lillington, 1856 Watercolour on paper 220mm x 320mm The painting depicts a female figure walking along a country lane towards Lillington Church.

At Offchurch, Warwickshire

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) At Offchurch, Warwickshire, 1856 Oil on board 320mm x 470mm A landscape scene at Offchurch, Warwickshire. A woman and girl gather sticks in the foreground.

At Snitterfield, Warwickshire

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) At Snitterfield, Warwickshire, 1838 Oil on canvas 750mm x 620mm View of a tree-lined trackway with two ladies and a gentleman travelling along it.

At Work on the Warwick Bypass

Anthony Hobson (born 1920) At Work on the Warwick Bypass, 1966 Oil on canvas 285mm x 395mm A scene during construction of the Warwick bypass (A46), there is a tarmac truck in the centre. In a letter ...

Autumn In The South of France, Hautes Alpes

Adrian Scott Stokes (1854-1935) Autumn In The South of France, Hautes Alpes, 1928 Oil on canvas 753mm x 998mm From the late 1880s Stokes, a painter, poet and critic, traveled extensively in France, Italy ...

Autumn Tints

John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Autumn Tints Watercolour on paper 260mm x 355mm A scene with a house, field and trees. There are clothes drying on a line to the left.

Avenue near Stoneleigh Park

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Avenue near Stoneleigh Park, July 1850 Oil on canvas 875mm x 660mm A road between an avenue of trees near Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. There is a lady with a bundle on her head ...


Elizabeth Whitehead (1854-1934) Avignon Watercolour on paper Elizabeth and her brother Frederick studied art under the direction of the Leamington based artist John Burgess, before she moved to the Leamington ...

Babelik's Hospital, Warwick

Ambrose Poynter (1796-1886) Babelik's Hospital, Warwick Pencil and watercolour on paper 205mm x 130mm The drawing depicts a street scene in Warwick.