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John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Untitled Pencil on paper 265mm x 330mm This is one of many drawings collected in a large scrapbook.

Wooden Darning Mushroom

This is darning mushroom is made of the very hard, dense wood of box or holly. The item to be mended, like a sock, would be stretched over the smooth 'mushroom' top and the hole darned with a needle ...

Wooden Pin Cushion on a clamp

Turned and polished wood, (holly or box wood) pincushion clamp. It would have been used to fix one end of a piece of fabric firmly to a table, so that it could be held taut with one hand while pinning ...

Wooden Sewing Box - interior

The box is lined with red silk and contains many compartments. The bobbins are finely carved mother of pearl. 19th century 265mm x 192mm

Wooden Sieve

Round wooden sieve, with mesh made from a stiff, coarse-weave fabric. It would have been used to sieve dry products such as flour. Early 20th century 230mm diameter x 115mm