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Toy Horse and Cart

This wooden horse and cart was a Victorian child's toy. The black, painted inscription on the front of the cart reads: 'A.W.C. Ltd. / Builders'.

Toy Soldiers

These metal toy soldiers are sometimes called 'flats', because they are flatter and less 3-dimensional than toy soldiers made later. These soldiers are wearing uniforms from the early 19th century.

Toy Train

Wooden train made by German prisoners of war.

Toy Train

This painted wooden train set dates from the mid 19th century, and was probably made in Germany. The complete set consists of an engine and nine coaches, with a wooden track and six trees. Mid 19th ...

Train Set

This train set was made by 'Hornby', the firm founded by Frank Hornby at the start of the 20th century. 'Hornby' began making the construction toy 'Meccano' in 1907, and introduced toy trains in 1920.

Ufton. Southam Road

View along Southam Road, Ufton. 1910s

Ullenhall. Lady with baby in a pram

Lady with baby in a pram in Ullenhall. 1910s


Unknown artist Ink on paper colour print 185mm x 125mm The print depicts a girl wearing a blue kimono, decorated with an arrow feather design, sitting kissing and cuddling a baby.


John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Untitled Pencil on paper 115mm x 110mm Sketches of a child playing with a cat, and two cats in detail. This is one of many drawings collected into a large scrapbook.

Walking Doll

This 'walking doll' is known as 'Autoperipatetikos'. The walking mechanism is operated by clockwork, hidden under the doll's skirts. It was patented in 1862, and the dolls were produced by various ...

Warwick. All Saint's Road, All Saint's Church choir

Dr. Dickens, Vicar of All Saint's church, Warwick, with the choir at Kenilworth Castle. 1910s

Warwick. Cherry picking at Old Kennels Farm

Old Kennels Farm on the Hampton Road, Warwick, inhabited by the Potter family. Two girls (possibly Jen & Peg Potter) picking cherries. 1930s

Warwick. Children paddling

Old Kennels Farm on the Hampton Road, Warwick, inhabited by the Potter family. Children from the Potter family paddling at Fulbrook. 1930s

Warwick. Coten End

The Crown Commercial hotel and shops in Coton End, Warwick. A group of children are standing in the foreground. 1910s

Warwick. Ethelfreda and Followers, Warwick Pageant

Ethelfreda - Miss Dickens (daughter of the Rev. Dickens, All Saints church) and her followers at Warwick Pageant. 1906

Warwick. Lower Cape, Coronation decorations

Lower Cape, Warwick. Group of children looking at decorations for Coronation of Elizabeth II. June 1953

Warwick. Old Kennels Farm, haymaking

Mowing hay on meadow near Old Kennels Farm on the Hampton Road, Warwick, inhabited by the Potter family. Bob Potter on mowing machine. 1930s

Warwick. Robert Greenfield with his children & workers

Mr Robert Greenfield, superintendent of Parks & Gardens with his children & workers in Warwick. 1890s.