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Swaddling made from a piece of semi-circular fabric with heavily embroidered detail along the edges and thread loops at the ends. This is probably part of a collar. There are ten pieces in total which ...


Swaddling made from a piece of octagonal fabric with embroidered detail along the edges. There are ten pieces in total which make up a linen swaddling set. Thought to be English, c.1675-1725


Swaddling made from a piece of rectangular fabric known as a bed. The edges are seamed and folded and bear embroidered detail. There are ten pieces in total which are part of a linen swaddling set. The ...

Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear is named after President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, the 26th President of the USA. In 1902, while hunting, he refused to shoot a young bear. A cartoon of this episode appeared in newspapers, ...

Temple Grafton. Group of children

Group of children, possibly school children, standing on Church Bank, outside Temple Grafton School. The church spire can be seen in the background. 1900s

Temple Grafton. Old cottages

Old thatched and timbered cottages in Temple Grafton. A man, woman and child are standing in the driveway of one cottage and a woman and baby are standing at the gate of another cottage. 1900s

The Bobtail Puppy Book

A hard backed children's book. It is called 'The Bobtail Puppy Book' and has a drawing of an Old English Sheep Dog puppy on the cover.

The Bobtail Puppy Book

A hard backed children's book. It is called The Bobtail Puppy Book and has a drawing of an Old English Sheep dog puppy on the cover.

The Cedars, Headlands, Kettering

Black and white photograph 158mm x 114mm A girl on a bicycle and a boy standing on the pavement outside The Cedars, Headlands, Kettering. A handwritten note on the back reads 'Our father had ...

The Elms School House, Nuneaton

The Elms School House, Vicarage Street, Nuneaton run by Mrs Wallington postcard by Speight. Note: George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress based in the Coventry and Nuneaton district, ...

The Fancy Dress Party

Margo Singer (fl. 1973) The Fancy Dress Party Oil on canvas 750mm x 495mm Scene at a fancy dress party, with four children in their costumes.

The Good Work

Keith Henderson (1883 - 1982) The Good Work Oil on canvas 1000mm x 1510mm Educated in Paris and at the Slade School of Art, London, Keith Henderson is best known as an author and illustrator. He designed ...

The Morning Lecture

Erskine Nicol (1825-1904) The Morning Lecture, 1863 Oil on canvas Framed size height 570mm x 740mm, depth 80mm The painting depicts an old man scolding a young boy. The model for the old man was James ...

Tip-Cat (detail)

The tip-cat is made of polished wood and has a handwritten inscription in ink : 'This was Joseph Yeats' tip cat when he was a boy about 8 years old 1768. Wm. Yeats his son owned it... being stolen by ...


This is a Senegalese toy from West Africa. The toy is made from wood painted in red, yellow, orange, black and green. The large orange box contains two smaller boxes, one yellow, one green. Both have ...

Toy Animals

These toy circus animals were made by the American firm of Schoenhut. They are made of wood, with jointed legs and necks.

Toy Dinner Service

This toy dinner service was made in England by Ridgways. It consists of dinner plates, serving dishes, and sauce boats.

Toy Horse

This carved and painted wooden horse is mounted on a wheeled platform so that it can be pulled along.