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Travel Poster - Royal Leamington Spa

A poster advertising the Great Western Railway and Royal Leamington Spa. There is a view of a path in the Royal Pump Room gardens with trees and people in the foreground and the Royal Pump Rooms in the ...

Travel Poster - Salamanca, Spain

A poster advertising Salamanca, Spain. It depicts red-coloured ornate roofs of buildings including a steeple and a dome. There are mountains in the background.

Travel Poster - Salerno, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Salerno, Italy. It depicts a coastal scene through an arch with buildings, hills and a quay.

Travel Poster - Saville

A poster advertising Sevilla. The poster depicts a photograph of the 'Patio en el edificio central de la plaza de Espana (planta alta)'.

Travel Poster - Sorrento

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Sorrento. It depicts a coastline with a solitary yacht on the sea.

Travel Poster - Spain

A poster advertising Spain. It depicts a mountain pass with a river, bridge and hill-top church with two steeples.

Travel Poster - Spoleto, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Spoleto, Italy. It depicts a viaduct or wall leading up a hill to a large building, which is possibly a castle, 1927.

Travel Poster - St. Moritz, Engadine, Switzerland

A poster advertising St. Moritz. It depicts a woman seated on a rock beside a tree with her back to the viewer, all of which are depicted in red. The figure is facing a valley with mountains either side ...

Travel Poster - Summertime Riviera

Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée Railway A Poster, from London, advertising the Summertime Riviera. It depicts two female bathers on a narrow pier at the seaside. They are dressed in 1920s style bathing suits ...

Travel Poster - Thann

A poster advertising the town of Thann. It shows a church amidst village roof-tops in red snd yellow with dark green mountains in the background. The poster has a white border and blue writing.

Travel Poster - The Nile and Palestine

Thomas Cook & Son Ltd A poster advertising the Nile and Palestine. It depicts the paddle steamer, Arabia on the Nile, with hills and a riverbank in the background.

Travel Poster - The Rhine and Germany

A poster advertising The Rhine and Germany. The poster depicts a silhouetted red tree with blossom in the foreground. There is a church on a hill, rooftops, a lake and mountains situated in the background....

Travel Poster - The Riviera

Southern Railway A poster advertising a blue train and the Riviera. It depicts a dark blue steam engine coming towards the viewer from a white background leading up to a red sky.

Travel Poster - Thomas Cook & Son Ltd

A poster, from Nottingham, advertising winter sports by Thomas Cook & Son Ltd. The poster depicts a man skiing on a snow-capped mountain.

Travel Poster - Thomas Cook & Son's 'Winter Sunshine'

A poster advertising Thomas Cook & Son's 'Winter Sunshine'. The poster depicts a middle-eastern street scene, possibly in Morocco, with a large white domed building in the centre background.

Travel Poster - Thomas Cook's 'Winter Sunshine'

Thomas Cook & Son Ltd A poster from London advertising Thomas Cook's Winter Sunshine. The poster depicts a man and woman holding a parasol. Beneath them there is an archway looking out at a bay. There ...

Travel Poster - Trento, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Trento, Italy. It depicts a memorial with statues. Mountains and a cable car are in the background.

Travel Poster - Varazze, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Varazze, Italy. It depicts a smartly dressed woman seated on a balcony overlooking a coast town, with the sea and headland in the background.