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Warwick. Group of men and women with religious banner

Group of men, women and young people holding a banner stating "The Eternal God Is Our Refuge". Warwick. 1910s

Warwick. Lizzie McCutchion

Portrait of Lizzie McCutchion in her 17th year, Warwick. 1890s

Warwick. Mrs Potts and two children

Mrs Potts and two children, Warwick. 1920s

Warwick. Portrait of Frances, Countess of Warwick

Portrait of Frances Brooke, Countess of Warwick. 1910s

Warwick. St Paul's Church Mothers Bible Class

St Paul's Church Mothers Bible Class, Warwick. 1910s

Warwick. Thacker & Christmas Ltd

Exterior of Thacker & Christmas, grocers and tea dealers in High Street, Warwick. Standing in front of the shop are a group of employees. 1900s

Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club

The team of Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club who played Northamptonshire - the return match at Coventry on November 22nd 1900.

Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club

The team of Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club who played Yorkshire at Coventry on April 2nd 1903. Miss A Steadman is on the grass - right.

Warwickshire unspecified. Sheriff's coach

High Warwickshire Sheriff's coach, horse and attendants in 1897. The High Sheriff at the time was Howard Proctor Ryland.


A village view of terraced houses and people standing in the road at Wasperton. 1920s

Whichford. Farmyard

Farmyard, with roofless barn, horse and cart, two men, (one of whom is wearing a black arm band), two women and farmyard fowls, Whichford. 1900s.[It is suggested that part of the property was used by ...

Whitnash. Empire Day celebrations

Group of children in fancy dress with some adults celebrating Empire Day, Whitnash. 1920s. [Images of England -Whitnash by Jean Field Pages 62/63 describes the scene as May Day Celebrations 22nd May ...

Whitnash. May Day celebrations

Group of children celebrating May Day in Whitnash. 1920s

Whitnash. Prince of Wales visit

Group of children with decorated bicycles, prams etc. and other children and adults looking on, celebrating the Prince of Wales visit to Leamington Spa. 1924