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Jersey Token

Jersey silver ten-sided token Diameter 23mm This coin bears the inscription '1 Beghin, Maison de Paris Jeweller'.

Jewellery Box

This is an Oriental building shaped box. The front of the house opens to reveal four removable boxes inside. The lid is in the shape of a roof, and can be removed to make two trays. There are also two ...


A silver plated milk jug with deeply fluted sides and incised floral decoration. The jug is thought to be electroplate and was made in England.

Kingdom of the Netherlands 25 Cents

Kingdom of the Netherlands silver 25 cents, 1944 Diameter 18.5mm The obverse features the bust of Wilhelmina facing left. The inscription reads 'WILHELMINA KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN', meaning 'Wilhelmina, ...

Kingdom of the Netherlands Ten Cents

Kingdom of the Netherlands silver 10 cents, 1849 Diameter 14.5mm The obverse features the bust of William II facing left and the inscription 'WILLEM II KONING DER NED.G.H.V.L', abbreviated from 'Willem ...

Leamington College for Girls Dance Medal

This silver medal is from Leamington College for Girls and depicts a circle of six girls holding hands. The college was established in 1902 at Avenue Road, Leamington Spa. It was later housed at premises ...

Leamington Spa Harriers Eight Mile Handicap: Winner's Medal

A silver eight-pointed star shaped medal which has a bronze centre depicting a running man. This medal was awarded to the winner of the Leamington Spa Harriers eight mile handicap, 23rd February 1884.

Leamington Spa Medal

This is a Leamington League football silver medal. At the centre of the medal is an enamelled image of a footballer. The medal is contained within a plastic box and dates from 1956.


Circular gold locket with fine lines engraved on the outside. The front has been engraved with the initials: 'MD'.


An oval gold-rimmed locket fitted with two oval pieces of glass with a lock of dark hair in between.


A solid silver locket with an engraved scene on the front containing two locks of hair.


A circular gold locket. The lid is decorated by enamel painted roses and leaves.


Two folding silver rimmed lenses with a handle and ring at the bottom.


A small rectangular silver matchbox, hallmarked on the inner rim and engraved 'W.C.G.C./ May 7th/ 1898'. The matchbox has a lid hinged at one side and ridges and hollows along the base for striking matches. ...


Rectangular silver matchbox made in Birmingham, 1919. The lid is hinged at one side, along the base there is a hollow ridge for striking matches and there is a loop at one side for suspension. There are ...


Flat rectangular matchbox made in England. It is made of silver metal with a gold coloured interior.

Mayoress' Brooch

A Mayoress' gold brooch with enamelled decoration with a gold chain attached. There is a crest with inscriptions also on the badge, 1939-1942.

Mayoress' Brooch: Box

A rectangular black box with a black velvet lining. There is a hollow in the box to contain the Mayoress' brooch. There is gold embossed decoration on the lid, 1939-1942.