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National Hospital Service Reserve Recruitment Document

A document concerning membership and the conditions of service. It also includes an application form for Nursing Auxiliaries with the National Hospital Service Reserve. The document is printed in green ...

National Ration Book

A Ministry of Food National Ration Book issued to Sarah Smith of 58 Bath Street on 2 October 1918. It is made of five pieces of paper stapled together. Some of the ration tokens have been used.

National Registration Identity Card

National Registration Identity Card issued to Ethel M. Harrison. Ethel was born in Leamington Spa on 24 June 1899. She left school aged 13 to train as a dressmaker at Frank Smith dressmaking

National Registration Identity Card

National Registration Identity card belonging to Arthur Smith. The identity card is made from green coloured card with "NATIONAL REGISTRATION IDENTITY CARD" and the Royal coat of arms on the front. Inside ...

National Rose Hip Products Association Message

This is a message to collectors of rose hips from the National Rose Hip Products Association. It gives information on which areas of the country rose hips will be collected from. The message was sent ...

National Service Certificate of Registration

National Service certificate of registration for Arthur Smith. It is made from beige coloured card printed in blue. "NATIONAL SERVICE (ARMED FORCES) ACTS Certificate of Registration" is printed on the ...

National Service Registration Card

A printed national service registration card from Kenilworth. It was issued to Robert McKinnon-Waters of the armed forces, 12th March 1907.

Natural History of English Insects

A hard backed book called A Natural History of English Insects which contains illustrations and descriptions of English insects. The illustrations are engravings hand-coloured by the author, 1749.


A metal needle with long slit eyes at each end.

Needle Case

The Quadrouple Golden Casket needle case, patented and manufactured by W. Avery and Son, Redditch, Worcestershire, c.1868-89. A mechanism on the case raises the needles so that they can be accessed more ...

Needle Case

This hand-embroidered needle case was made by Mrs F. Fisher. It is made of card covered with pink silk and is decorated with white and colourless beads. The needle case contains a piece of felt for holding ...

Needle Packet

Needle packet from Regent Street, Leamington Spa. Two needles in a printed black and white envelope. They were made in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Needlework Sample

A needlework sample from Lillington School. The sample is a square piece of blue-grey material with white stripes at the edges, which have been turned back and sewn with pink thread. In the middle of ...

Needlework Sample

A needlework sample from Lillington School on beige material. The sample has red thread sewn in four levels of difficulty in the stitching. The stitching makes squares and the corners of the material ...

Needlework Sample

A needlework sample from Lillington School on beige material with pale green stitching. The sample has the alphabet stitched in capitals and lower case and the numbers one to nine. The text Ellen Entwhistle, ...

Needlework Sample

A needlework sample from Lillington School with complicated stitching and design. There is green, red, yellow and brown thread used within this piece of work. It is made up of three segments and the middle ...

Needlework Sample

A needlework sample from Lillington School. This sample has complicated stitching and a design in white thread. There are five segments and the middle one has the text 'Ellen Entwhistle Lillington School' ...

Needlework Scissors

A pair of steel needlework scissors with sharp pointed ends.