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Bishops Tachbrook. Oakley Wood

Oakley Wood, Bishops Tachbrook. 1928

Bishops Tachbrook. School

Bishops Tachbrook School group photograph. 1900s

Bishops Tachbrook. School Hill

School Hill, Bishops Tachbrook. Black and white thatched timbered cottage. 1900s

Bishops Tachbrook. St Chad's Church

St Chad's church, Bishops Tachbrook. 1906

Bishops Tachbrook. Stable boys

Several stable lads posing in Bishops Tachbrook. 1920s

Bishops Tachbrook. Thatched cottage

Bishops Tachbrook showing a thatched cottage and outside are Mrs Louise Bloomfield, the local midwife, the baby in her arms who later became Mrs Johnson and her mother, Mrs Emily Doughty. 1914

Bishops Tachbrook. Vicarage Road

79, Vicarage Road, Bishops Tachbrook, a thatched cottage with two ladies standing in the front garden. 1910s

Bishops Tachbrook. Vicarage Road, no 79

79 Vicarage Road, Bishops Tachbrook. 1930s

Bishops Tachbrook. Village scene

Scene of part of Bishops Tachbrook village showing timber framed cottages with church in the background. 1950s

Bishops Tachbrook. Village scene

Scene of part of the village of Bishops Tachbrook showing cottages and countryside. 1950s

Bishops Tachbrook. Village view

View across Bishops Tachbrook. 1910s

Bishops Tachbrook. Workingmen's Club

Workingmen's Club in Bishops Tachbrook. 1920s

Bivalve shell, Antiquilima antiquata

Bivalve shell, Antiquilima antiquata. Lower Jurassic: Blue Lias Formation, Harbury.

Bivalve shell, Gryphaea - body

Gryphaea. Lower Jurassic: ?Charmouth Mudstone, Stretton on Fosse. This shows the left valve which would have housed the oyster. The right valve formed a lid. These common fossils are widely known as ...

Bivalve shell, Gryphaea - lid

Gryphaea. Lower Jurassic: ?Charmouth Mudstone Formation, Stretton on Fosse.This shows both valves, including the flattened, lid-like right valve. These common fossils are widely known as 'Devil's Toe-nails'. Donated ...

Bivalve shell, Plagiostoma giganteum

Bivalve shell, Plagiostoma giganteum. Lower Jurassic: Blue Lias Formation, Harbury.

Black Box on a Shelf in a Bunker in Armagh...

Terry Atkinson (born 1939) Black Box on a Shelf in a Bunker in Armagh, Connected Both Inside and Outside the Bunker. A Goyaesque Odd-horned, Buck Toothed Ram, Having Got Its Head Through the Slit, Finds ...

Black Moon and Ochre

Sir Terry Frost (13th October 1915 - 1 September 2003) Black Moon and Ochre, 1997 Screenprint 1070mm x 800mm There is a red semi-circle at the top centre of the image with various sized semi-circles underneath ...