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Monthly Reports by Medical Officer of Leamington Spa

This book contains the written monthly reports of the Medical Officer of Health for Leamington Spa, from 1893 to 1929.

Morning News Newspaper Cutting

A newspaper cutting from the Morning News, 14th July 1951. It describes Randolph Turpin's return to Leamington Spa as World Middle-Weight boxing champion. Randolph Turpin was born in Leamington Spa in ...


A large cast iron mortar with two handles, a flaring rim, and an inscription cast into the metal, 1618.


A tall, turned cylindrical mortar, from Coventry, with a rounded lip and lignum vitae, c.1835. It is used for crushing coffee berries to allow the customer to taste before purchasing.

Motorway Accessibility, Royal Leamington Spa

A guide to Leamington Spa, with a yellow and black cover which has a black printed inscription. It was published by the Borough of Royal Leamington Spa, c.1960-1970.

Moulded Glass Eye Bath

Moulded glass eye bath shaped like a small drinking glass with a foot, stem and curved bowl, 1900.

Mourning Card

Mourning envelope card giving notice of the death of Mary Jane Coles on 25 August 1869.

Mourning Envelope

Mourning envelope addressed to Mr and Mrs Smith, 25 Upper Parade, Leamington Spa. Postmark dated 27 August 1869. There is a mourning card giving notice of the death of Mary Jane Coles inside.


A late 18th century block mousetrap, 1775-1800. It is made from wood with a rectangular base with sides. The rectangular block moves up and down along three wooden poles, with levers to set the block ...


White ceramic mug with 'EDAP' logo. EDAP were a training organisation with a section at Ford, Leamington Spa. The mug was produced to commemorate 10 years of EDAP at the company. It belonged to Jackie ...

Museum Notice Panel

A museum notice panel with hand written text and newspaper cuttings describing the provenance of a group of photographs in the collection of Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. The notice refers to ...

Music Book

A hard-backed book from Harrow School, containing both music and words. It was published in London and has a purple cover with gold-embossed title and school crest.

Musical Bracket Clock

A Regency musical bracket clock, from London. It is a large ornate clock made by D. and W. Morice of London. The case is ebonised with original brass grill windows, brass feet and finials. The movement, ...

Mustard Leaves

A cylindrical gold coloured tin with a yellow paper label stating the contents to be improved mustard leaves. The directions for use and the manufacturer's name are also written on the label. There is ...

Mustard Pot

This silver EPNS mustard pot has three handles and bears an enamelled Leamington Spa Coat of Arms on the front.

My Picture Book Of Tractors: On The Farm - A Nursery Colour Picture Book.

A hard-backed children's book illustrated with colour pictures. The cover shows a young girl with a chick in her hand, while behind her a young boy watches a man drive a tractor.

National Assistance Board Note

Note from the National Assistance Board to Mrs Mollie L. Cluley. It contains details of a postal order payment of £5 2s. in respect of NCOAP arrears.

National Health Insurance Card

A national health insurance card which belonged to Herbert Dawkins, 21 Hill Street, Royal Leamington Spa. The card was issued in 1918 by the Great Western Railway Staff, Friendly Society, Royal Leamington ...