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Dunchurch. Thatched cottages

Street in Dunchurch with row of thatched cottages and group of children. 1900s [This row of cottages still remain today and are pretty much unchanged. They are situated on the Southam road with the ...

Dunchurch. The Square

The Square, Dunchurch. 1930s [This photograph is taken by the almshouses in Dunchurch. There is a slip road from the Rugby Road to the Daventry Road, this leads to the church and the war memorial and ...

Dunchurch. Tree lined road

Coventry Road looking east towards Dunchurch with a bus in the background. Circa 1932 [East of the present day Blue Boar flyover]

Dunchurch. Tree struck by lightning

Tree struck by lightning on Lady John Scott's estate, Dunchurch. 1900s

Dunchurch. Tudor Cafe

The Tudor Cafe, Dunchurch. 1955

Dunchurch. Village street

Street with cottages, shop and The Green Man Hotel, Dunchurch. 1900s

Dunchurch. Buccleuch Estate, tractor

Duke of Buccleugh Estate, Dunchurch. Refuelling tractor. Part of war effort. Horse and cart. Two labourers. 1942

Dunchurch. Dunchurch Hall School P.E. class

Group of boy gymnasts and instructor in the gymnasium in Dunchurch Hall prep school. 1900s

Dunnington. Baptist Chapel and Manse

Baptist Chapel and Manse at Dunnington. c.1920

Dunnington. Baptist Chapel, interior

Interior of the chapel at Dunnington, decorated for a wedding. 1990

Dunnington. Baptist Chapel, interior

Dunnington, Baptist Chapel interior. 1900s

Dunnington. Baptist Chapel, interior

Dunnington, Baptist Chapel, interior. 1926

Dunnington. Conway Cottage

Conway Cottage, Dunnington. Women with perambulator and children outside. 1900s

Dunnington. Cottage

A cottage in Dunnington with a child standing in gateway. 1900s

Dunnington. Cottages

Cottages in Dunnington. 1900s

Dunnington. Cottages

Ladies with bicycles and child standing outside cottages in Dunnington. 1900s

Dunnington. Cottages

Group of cottages at Dunnington. 1900s

Dunnington. Hall and chapel

Dunnington Baptist Church hall and chapel. 1926