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Tax Certificate

Certificate of pay and tax deducted for the income tax year 1947-48.

Tax Leaflet

Notice of assessment and statement of tax underpaid or overpaid for income tax year 1945-46.

The Betrothal of Frederick III

Pinturicchio The Betrothal of Frederick III E Kaiser (copyist) Wilhelm Greve (chromolithographer) Ink on paper 782mm x 578mm A fresco depicting the betrothal of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, to Eleanor ...

The Princes Maurits and Frederik Hendrick at the Horse Market, Valkenberg (Detail)

Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne (after) (1589-1662) The Princes Maurits and Frederik Hendrik at the Horse Market Valkenberg (Detail), 1900-1940 Oil on copper 195mm x 230mm Van de Venne was born in Delft ...

The Right Honorable William Pitt

H. EldridgeThe Right Honourable William Pitt, 1801Engraved by Anthony Cardon (1772 - 1813), 1804385mm x 290mmThe print is a portrait of a gentleman sitting in a chair, with a window behind him and a table ...

Women's Voluntary Service Civil Defence Act Document

A document entitled Civil Defence Act 1948 / Evacuation . It was issued by the Ministry of Health, in anticipation of war, asking Local Authorities to only make plans on paper. The document is 11 sides ...