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Travel Poster - Orleans, Chaudesaigues and St.Flour

A poster advertising Orleans, Chaudesaigues and St.Flour. The poster depicts a sketch of a woman in traditional costume carrying a bucket beside a water fountain.

Walton Hall. Bridge over the lake

Walton Hall Park. A bridge over the lake formed from the River Dene.

Walton Hall. House and lake

Walton Hall viewed over the lake formed from the River Dene.

Warwick. Guy's Cliffe

Guy's Well at Guy's Cliffe, Warwick. 1860s

Warwick. Priory Pools

Priory Pools,Priory Park, Warwick, which were filled in in 1920s.

Warwick. St Nicholas' Park, pool

St Nicholas' Park paddling pool, Warwick. 1960s