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Thomas Hill, The gardeners labyrinth..., 1577 - p.25, gardeners prepare their beds..

Gardening: a task known to Shakespeare Many of Shakespeare’s scenes are set in gardens. The plays indicate a familiarity with the tasks of setting seeds, weeding and raising plants for pleasure ...

Thomas Hill, The gardeners labyrinth..., 1577 - text, p.A1r, gardeners at work..

Shakespeare’s gardeners in Richard II tended their garden in this way. Thomas Hill’s handbook which explains the tasks of a garden’s care includes this woodcut of an arbour which ...

Trophy: Council House Gardens Challenge Cup, District of Kenilworth

This is a two-handled silver trophy cup with a circular black plastic base. It has an open bowl with fluted sides and the handles are decorated with female heads. The silver ring around the base of the ...

Trophy: Courier Challenge Cup, Council Estates Garden Competition, Leamington Spa

This is a two-handled silver trophy cup with a lid and a circular black plastic base. It has a fluted lower bowl and stem. The silver ring around the base is engraved with the winners names and a production ...

Ullenhall. Cottage

Entering Ullenhall, with man and woman in the garden of their cottage. 1910s

Valentine Cottage, Crowthorne, Berkshire

Two black and white photographs on one mount. Both photographs are of Valentine Cottage, Crowthorne, Berkshire. One is a view of the front, the other of the back garden. 180mm x 115mm

Waiting Outside Number 12

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a horse and gig waiting outside a house, and is by an unknown painter for about 1870. The artist has created an imposing sense of isolation, as though this ...

Warneford Terrace, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph, 1947. It depicts a view of houses and front gardens along Warneford Terrace, Leamington Spa. The photograph was taken from under an archway. 385mm x 495mm

Warwick. Cliff House

Cliff House, Warwick. Circa 1880s

Warwick. Mill Street Garden

Garden of Christopher Jarvis (Warwick Castle gardener) at the rear of Mill Street, Warwick. 1979

Warwick. Old Deanery

The Old Deanery, The Butts, Warwick. 1950s

Warwick. Priory

Part of the Priory building, Priory Park, Warwick. Doorway and two girls sitting outside in garden. Most of the Priory had already been demolished and removed to the US. 1940s

Warwick. St Nicholas Church Street, Seymour's House

Seymour's house, Lower Church Street now St Nicholas Church Street, Warwick. 1850s

Warwick. T Kemp in his Jury Street garden

Mr T Kemp looking at his jargonelle pear tree at 10, Jury Street, Warwick. Circa 1902

Warwick. View of castle from Park House

View of the castle & River Avon from the grounds of Park House, Warwick. 1880

White Villas

This is an oil painting on board depicting a simple scene of a row of white houses. There are figures in the street in the foreground, including a couple walking, a small dog and a pony and trap. It was ...

Wormleighton. Cottages

Cottages in a lane, Wormleighton. 1910s

Wormleighton. Estate cottages

A family group posing outside estate cottages, Wormleighton. 1900s