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Atherstone. Miss Alice Jackson

Miss Alice Jackson, Atherstone. 1900s

Atherstone. Mr. W.A. Hatton

Portrait photograph of W.A. Hatton, Atherstone. c.1900

Atherstone. Nelson Yard

Nelson Yard, Atherstone, looking towards Long Street. 1900s

Atherstone. Ram Yard

Group of children outside 16 - 18 Ram Yard, Atherstone. 1900s

Atherstone. Vero's Yard

Vero's Yard, formerly Wash Pad (Yard?) between nos. 7-9 Long Street to rear, Atherstone. 1900s

Atherstone. White Lion Yard

White Lion Yard between Station Street and Coleshill Road in Atherstone. 1900s Washing line and wooden wheelbarrow.

Attleborough. The Lawns

Showing a family group at the gate of "The Lawns", Attleborough. 1900s

Auction Catalogue

A black and white folded printed K. England & Son auction catalogue. It lists household furniture for sale at the Sale Rooms, The Parade, Leamington Spa, 5th May 1920. The catalogue has a small pink form ...

Auger, early 20th century

This taper auger has an ash handle and metal blade. Augers were used to bore large, deep holes in wood. They were used by various craftsmen, such as coopers and shipwrights. This one was used by a wheelright. Early ...


This backscratcher is made from a long thin wooden stick with a small ivory human hand at one end. This was a popular design in the 1770s. During this period the fashion for large powdered wigs and the ...


A green rubber ball which is a souvenir from Warwick. It is decorated with a print of a boy, a dog and a kite. There is a red ring around the circumference of the ball.

Barford. Dining room at Barford Hill House

Dining room at Barford Hill House. March 9th 1953

Barford. Sitting room at Barford Hill House

Sitting room at Barford Hill House. March 9th 1953.

Bargeware style painted jug

This is a galvanised iron four-quart oil can, later painted in the manner of bargeware with stylised foliate ornament on a black background. The original oil can marks are stamped on the reverse, showing ...

Barley Jug - side

This jug is made from Staffordshire pottery and is thought to have belonged to Mr. Robert Evans, the father of local author George Eliot. George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress ...


A large earthenware pot or barrel, with a hole for the stopper near the base. The barrel has curving sides and is orange-brown in colour.

Barton on the Heath. The Green

The Green, Barton on the Heath, showing a group of children beside the seventeenth wellhouse. One child is carrying a cricket bat. 1900s


This basket was made by the Haussa people of West Africa. It is woven from natural and coloured plant fibres in black, brown and green.