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Shuckburgh Park. Hall and Lake

Shuckburgh Hall and lake, Shuckburgh Park. 1930s

Skating by Moonlight

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) Skating by Moonlight, 1879 Oil on canvas 150mm x 215mm The painting depicts a night scene with figures skating on a pond.

The Colorado or Front Range, near Gold Hill

A sepia photograph entitled The Colorado or Front Range, near Gold Hill, by W.H.Jackson. The picture depicts a river or lake with snow and trees in the foreground and mountains in background. W.H.Jackson ...

Travel Poster - Bellagio, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Bellagio, Italy. It depicts Lake Como with an island, mountains and flowers.

Travel Poster - Lake Garda, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising the Garda Lake, Italy. It depicts a lake with islands, yachts and mountains in the background.

Travel Poster - Lausanne, Switzerland

A poster advertising Lausanne, Switzerland. It depicts a town by Lake Geneva. It is viewed from a distance with a small jetty and mountains in the background.

Travel Poster - L'Orne

A poster advertising excursions to the thermal baths of L'Orne. It depicts a valley leading to a lake with a forest and houses. The writing is printed in blue.

Travel Poster - Vitznau, Switzerland

A poster advertising Vitznau, Switzerland. It depicts a girl in a red dress with her back to the viewer standing beside a lake. The figure is surrounded by pink and white blossom and flowers with mountains ...

Tyrolean Scene

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) Tyrolean Scene Watercolour on paper 180mm x 270mm A landscape scene of a lake and a man on a horse in the Tyrol region of Austria.

Tysoe. New Pool

Young lad contemplating the New Pool, where the stream is crossed by the road. 1910s


Sarah Metcalf (fl. 1889-1909 d.1912) Untitled Watercolour on paper 135mm x 215mm A view of a lake with mountains in the background. A boat is on the water. It is possible that this is a painting of ...


McIntyre Untitled Oil on paper 300mm x 470mm Two figures are sitting in a boat at the edge of the lake.


Edwin Toovey (1826-1906) Untitled, July 1866 Watercolour on paper 330mm x 520mm A lake side scene with mountains to the left, a boat on the lake and a building with a thatched roof to the right.

Upper Fire-Hole, From 'Old Faithful'

A sepia photograph entitled Upper Fire Hole, from "Old Faithful", by W.H.Jackson. The picture shows petrified rocks, rock pools and geysers in a wooded landscape W.H.Jackson was a photographer for the ...


W. Knox Venice, 1919 Watercolour on paper 250mm x 365mm The painting depicts a view across the water towards Venice, Italy.

Walton Hall. Bridge over the lake

Walton Hall Park. A bridge over the lake formed from the River Dene.

Walton Hall. House and lake

Walton Hall viewed over the lake formed from the River Dene.

Warmington. Pool

View of Warmington village from across the pool. 1900s