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Women's Voluntary Service Welfare Section Manual

Short explaination notice on the importance of the Welfare Section Manual ref. CN.c./D.5/51. 9th July 1951.

Women's Voluntary Services Report

This is a Women's Vountary Service report on the closure of the uniform department for stock taking, including information about uniform permits. It was issued on 1 August 1950.

Women's Voluntary Services Report on the Care of the Homeless

This is a Women's Voluntary Service report on Civil Defence Act, 1948, Regulations Relating to the Care of the Homeless. It was issued on 21 April 1950.

Work Rules

Small leaflet giving the rules for Clarke, Cluley and Co. Ltd Works Sick and Dividend Society. Clarke, Cluley and Co. Ltd was established in Well Street, Coventry in 1884. The company initially made safety ...