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Ullenhall. New Church

Exterior of New Church, Ullenhall. 1920s

Ullenhall. Old Church

Old Church, Ullenhall. 1920s

Ullenhall. Old Church

Old Church, Ullenhall. 1920s

Ullenhall. Old Church

Old Church, Ullenhall. 1920s

Ullenhall. Old church

Ullenhall old church. 1930s

Unidentified Church

A sepia photograph of an unidentified church and churchyard. This was produced by Valentines, No.2848. 132mm x 203mm


H. P. Robinson Untitled Print Ink on paper 101mm x 165mm This print depicts a view of All Saints Parish Church in Leamington Spa.

Wappenbury. St John's Church

St John's Church, Wappenbury. 1900s

Warmington. St Michael's Church

St Michael's Church, Warmington. 1900s [At the time of this photograph the church was dedicated to St Nicholas]

Warwick (St Mary's), 1885

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) Warwick (St Mary's) 1885, 1885 Ink on card etching 230mm x 150mm An etching of the view down Northgate towards St Mary's church with scaffolding around the ...

Warwick. All Saints Church

All Saints Road and church, Emscote, Warwick. 1920s

Warwick. All Saints Church and vicarage, Emscote

Exterior view of All Saints Church, Emscote, Warwick. 1920s

Warwick. All Saint's Road, St. Edith's Home

St. Edith's Home for distressed gentlemen with the schoolmaster's house on the right. All Saint's Road, Emscote, Warwick. 1900s

Warwick. Beauchamp Chapel, St Mary's church

The Beauchamp Chapel (exterior) of St Mary's Collegiate church, Warwick. Old man sitting on tomb. 1860s

Warwick. Castle, Churches & River Avon

View across the River Avon looking towards the castle, St Nicholas's church & St Mary's church, Warwick. Circa 1850s.

Warwick. Church Street, Froebel House

Froebel House, 21 Church Street, Warwick. 1910s

Warwick. Demolition of church tower, All Saints, Emscote

Demolition of tower of All Saint's Church, Emscote. Warwick. 1967.

Warwick. East Gate and St James' Church

Warwick East Gate surmounted by St James' Church. 1870s