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Jabet's Ash

Once marked the old boundary of the city on Binley Road. Taken down in 1915 and replaced by another grown from it.

J. C. Lee Gordon, Lord Mayor, Military Parade

J. C. Lee Gordon, Lord Mayor and crowd watching as a tank passes by Coventry Council House.

J & J Cash Kingfield Works

Showing worker's cottages facing the canal with chimney in background of image.

Interior of the Assembly Room at Singer Cycle Factory

Showing male employees and cycles in stages of assembly.

Humber 'Eiffel' Cycle

The cycle was built at the Humber works on Ford Street, Coventry and ridden by Sam Brown at Wanderer's Athletic Ground Johannesburg, South Africa.

Hippodrome and Swanswell Gate

Street view of the newly built Hippodrome and the medieval Swanswell Gate, also known as Priory Gate.

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum from Jordan Well

View showing the exterior of the museum. Coventry Cathedral can be seen under construction in the background.

Heath Road, Stoke

View of Heath Road. Person on a bicycle and an advertisement for HP Sauce can be seen in background.

Greyfriars Green

View of the park with the three spires of St Michael's, Holy Trinity and Christchurch in the background.

Godiva Harriers

Group portrait of the Coventry Godiva Harriers athletics club.

Girls in a Watchmaking Factory

Shows female employees assembling watches.

Ford's Hospital from the Garden

View of resident's garden at the back of Ford's Hospital.

Flood in Garfield Road

Showing flooded houses during 'The Great Flood' of 1900. Rover Company building can be seen to the right of the photograph.

Fleet Street

Street view showing Baker's Coffee Tavern on corner.

Fire Station, Hales Street

Showing exterior of the building

Enthronement of Bishop Gorton, St Michael's

Procession of clergy through the ruins of St. Michael's Cathedral.

Early Coventry Penny Farthings

Walter Browett, William Thackhall Browett, and Alexander Percy Pridmore after their ride from Coventry to Land’s End and back on their Coventry Machinist Bicycles.

Duchess of Kent Opening the Belgrade Theatre

Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent giving a speech in the Royal Box. Sculpture of a dove of peace can be seen in the background.