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Edgehill. Road through beech woods

Road through the beech woods at Edgehill. 1930s

Exhall, nr Alcester. Village street

Road with timbered house and barn. Labourers seated at roadside, Exhall. Two men with bicycles. 1910s

Exhall, nr Coventry. Blackberry Lane

Blackberry Lane, Exhall, nr Coventry. 1946

Fenny Compton. Road to the hills

Fenny Compton road to the hills. 1930s

Flecknoe. Village pond

Pond by road, Flecknoe. Cottages seen through trees. 1930s. This is a scene in the middle of Flecknoe opposite the present Underwood Cottage and Flecknoe Farm looking up towards Hill View Farm. The ...

Galley Common. Lane

Lane with distant view of Stockingford, Galley Common, Nuneaton. 1930s

Galley Common. Lane with road works notice

Lane with road works notice and a distant view of Stockingford, Galley Common, Nuneaton. 1930s

Great Alne. A country lane

A country lane in Great Alne. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Bridge Street

Bridge Street, Hampton Lucy. 1930s

Haselor, Lower. Country lane

A country lane leading into Lower Haselor. 1900s

Haselor. Walcote Hill

Walcote Hill, Haselor. 1900s

Hatton Hill.

Hatton Hill. 1910

Hatton. Country lane

A country lane, showing a lady with a bicycle, Hatton. 1900s

High Cross.

High Cross. 1900s

Hockley Heath. Spring Lane

Houses and cart in Spring Lane, Hockley Heath. 1900s

Honington. Fallen elm tree

Elm tree in country lane near the village of Honington, blown down in gale of Friday evening, December 16th. Adults and children posing with tree. 1910s

Ilmington. Campden Road

Three girls pushing a child in a pushchair in Campden Road (now Street), Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Country lane

A country lane, Ilmington. 1900s