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Hartshill. Infants School

Children resting on folding beds on the veranda at Hartshill Infants school. 1941

Hartshill. Infants School

Group of children outside Hartshill Infants school. 1941

Haselor. School

Haselor school. 1930s

Hillmorton. Dunsmore Secondary school

Dunsmore Secondary School, Hillmorton. 1960s

Hillmorton. Dunsmore Secondary school for Boys

Dunsmore secondary school for boys, Hillmorton. 1960s

Hillmorton. Hillmorton Paddox Junior & Infants school

Exterior of Hillmorton Paddox County Junior & Infants school, Hillmorton. Opened in 1938.

Ilmington. Catholic School

Group of pupils outside the catholic school, Ilmington. 1910s

Ilmington. School

Ilmington village school with pupils standing by wall. 1900s

Kenilworth. Abbotsford School, interior

Interior view of hall and staircase in Abbotsford School, Kenilworth. 1910s

Kenilworth. College for Boys, Priory Road

Boys' College, Priory Road, Kenilworth. 1910s

Kineton. Bridge Street

The Manor Lane School, Bridge Street, Kineton. 1950s

Kineton. Middle Class School

Kineton Middle Class school which was founded by Lady Willoughby de Broke and closed circa 1930. 1900s

Kingsbury. Church Street (now Lane)

Church Street (now Lane), Kingsbury, with the school on the right and the church tower in the background. 1920s

Kingsbury. Vicarage and school

Kingsbury vicarage and school. 1900s

Ladbroke. Cottage and school

Ladbroke School and old thatched cottages. 1950s

Ladbroke. School

Teachers and children outside Ladbroke School in 1976.

Ladbroke. School

Ladbroke School buildings. 1920s

Ladbroke. School

Ladbroke School buildings. 1920s