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Leamington Spa. Cubbington Road

Cattle in Cubbington Road, Leamington Spa. 1913 [Picture is of Lillington and not as shown, Leamington Spa.]

Leamington Spa. Priest with pony and dog

Roman Catholic priest with his pony and boxer dog, possibly outside the presbytery at St Peter's Church, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Long Itchington. Village view

Three ladies are sitting on felled tree trunks in front of a large timber framed house and cows are standing in the background, Long Itchington. 1900s

long Itchington. Holy Trinity church

Holy Trinity church, Long Itchington, seen across the fields. November 28th 1956

Matlock, Derbyshire

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Matlock, Derbyshire, 1861 Oil on board 195mm x 300mm Landscape scene with cattle drinking in a river and trees and cliffs to the right.

Meadows At Shottery

J. Lawrence Hart (fl. 1872-1906 d. 1907) Meadows At Shottery Watercolour on paper 175mm x 235mm The painting depicts a view of sheep grazing in the fields at Shottery, Warwickshire.

Moreton Morrell. Moreton Hall milking parlour

Cattle being milked by hand in the Milking Parlour at Moreton Hall Agricultural College, Moreton Morrell. 1959

Napton on the Hill. Village view

View of Napton on the Hill, with a pond, geese and ducks in the foreground. A lady and girl are standing by the pond. 1900s

Nine Angry Bulls

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting bulls disturbed by a hare. It is by an artist of the English School dating from about 1870. A horserider and two walkers have been disturbed by the bulls running ...

Offchurch. Highland Cattle

Highland cattle at Offchurch. 1957

Offchurch. Highland Cattle

Highland cattle at Offchurch. 1957

Old Milverton Church With Cattle

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Old Milverton Church With Cattle, 1861 Oil on canvas 490mm x 750mm A landscape scene with cattle and sheep grazing. The village of Old Milverton can be seen in the background.

Old Oak Stoneleigh Park

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Old Oak Stoneleigh Park, 1860 Oil on canvas 657mm x 863mm A landscape scene at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, featuring an oak tree.

On The Banks Of The Leam

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) On The Banks Of The Leam Watercolour on paper 230mm x 195mm The painting shows cattle drinking from a stream.

On the Wye

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) On the Wye, 1863 Oil on canvas 250mm x 410mm A landscape scene with a river, cattle are standing in the water.

On the Wye Below Ryayder

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) On the Wye Below Ryayder, 1863 Oil on canvas 250mm x 410mm Valley landscape scene showing the river Wye with cattle standing in the water and a man on the river bank.

Poster - Empire Marketing Board

A poster by the Empire Marketing Board It depicts farm animals, pigs, cows, chickens, and ducks. It also depicts farm-made produce, such as jars of honey, cherries and eggs. There are two people on the ...

Preston on Stour. Alscot Park

Sheep in fold at Alscot Park, Preston on Stour. 1930s