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Pond with Farm Buildings

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) Pond with Farm Buildings Oil on canvas 390mm x 590mm View of a pond with farm buildings behind, there are two ducks flying over the pond.

Poster - Empire Marketing Board

A poster by the Empire Marketing Board. It shows a scene on a farm, looking out onto a farm building in the background from the inside of barn with pigs eating hay in foreground. There are two men/farmers ...

Preston Bagot. Old Crab Mill Inn

The Old Crab Mill Inn (prop. William King Baseley) with many people outside, Preston Bagot. Several examples of bicycles, a pony and trap and a motor-cycle with side-car. 1910s.

Princethorpe. Corner of Wappenbury and Coventry Roads

Cottages and barn with chimney on corner of Wappenbury and Coventry Roads, Princethorpe. 1900s

Priors Marston. Country lane

Country road with barns and a cottage, Priors Marston. 1926

Priors Marston. Village scene

Village scene with cottages, Priors Marston. 1926

Prize Bull and Prize Cabbage

This is an oil painting on panel depicting a prize bull and prize cabbage, as well as a house, dog and a woman. It is signed and dated in the bottom left corner, 'Williams 1802' and it is likely this ...

Quinton, Upper. Village with Meon Hill in the distance

A farmhouse and barns in Upper Quinton with The Meon Hill in the background. c.1910

Radway. Village street

Village street in Radway, with cottages and horse cart. 1910s

Saggy's Barn, on Oldhams Farm

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Saggy's Barn, on Oldhams Farm, 1863 Oil on canvas 390mm x 580mm A farm scene with outbuildings and a barn to the right and cattle, trees and a river in the foreground.

Shuckburgh, Lower. Cottages in Park Lane

Estate workers cottages in Park Lane, Lower Shuckburgh. 1910s

South View of Fen End Farm

This is a watercolour and ink image of Fen End Farm. We only know the artist's initials, 'M.S.L.' but an inscription in ink along the bottom says 'The South View of Fen End Farm Drawn 20th August 1790'. ...

Stretton on Fosse. Thatched buildings

Thatched cottages and other buildings in Stretton on Fosse. 1960s

Temple Grafton. Church Farm buildings

Barn and outbuildings at Church Farm, Temple Grafton. 1985

Temple Grafton. Farm

An unnamed farm in Temple Grafton. 1900s [This is believed to be Top Farm and was owned by Mr William George Horniblow. It was taken over in 1955 by his son, Aubery Horniblow and then later by his ...

The Ceremony at Gretna Green

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a marriage ceremony at Gretna Green. Inscribed on the reverse are the initials 'A.B.' and a date '1907'. Framed size Height 365mm, Width 320mm, Depth 20mm...

The Champion Ratcatcher

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting the sport of rat catching and was painted by an artist of the English School about 1840. In 1849, when rat catching became illegal in Britain, the sport known ...

The Cock Fight

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a cock fight. Although cock fighting was made illegal in 1849, fights continued, particularly in remote places. This painting suggests the universiality of ...