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A child's cream fur fabric coat with woollen lining. The coat has three buttons at the front, silk ties around neck and a large collar.

Combrook. May Queen

May Queen and attendants, Combrook. May 1937

Compton Wynyates. Young people playing leapfrog

Young people at Compton Wynyates playing leapfrog. 1910s

Construction Set

Early construction toys came from Germany, where there was a tradition of producing wooden toys. During the 19th century, sophisticated sets containing a wide variety of pieces became popular. This ...

Construction Set

'Bayko' building sets were made by the Plimpton Engineering Company of Liverpool, and were very popular in the 1950's. The name 'Bayko' came from the word 'bakelite' - the name of the hard plastic ...

Construction Set

This construction set, made of coloured interlocking plastic pieces, was made by 'Lego'. The company's founder, Ole Christiansen, was born in Denmark in 1891. He made wooden toys, which he called 'Lego' ...

Court 38 Spon Street

Three children sitting on the doorstep of a house, north side of court yard.

Cubbington. Church Lane

A view of Church Lane, Cubbington, produced as a Christmas postcard. 1900s

Cubbington. Coal merchant

Coal merchant delivering coal in Cubbington by horse and cart. 1900s

Cubbington. Group of schoolchildren with coaches

Group of schoolchildren and teachers standing in front of two coaches in Cubbington. c. 1949

Cubbington. Lutterworth End (now Church Lane)

Women, children and pets standing in front of thatched and timbered cottages in Lutterworth End (now Church Lane), Cubbington. 1900s For more detailed information refer to - Cubbington by G.F.Peppitt....

Cubbington. May Day celebrations

The May Queen about to process from the church to the school playground to be crowned, Cubbington. 1910s For more detailed information refer to - Cubbington by G.F.Peppitt.

Cubbington. May Day celebrations

The May Queen's procession about to move off from the vicarage garden to the school playground for the crowning ceremony, Cubbington. Circa 1910 For more detailed information refer to - Cubbington by ...

Cubbington. Mrs Wells at the village pump

Mrs Wells and child at village well in Queen Street, Cubbington. 1904

Cubbington. Penns Yard

Back to back houses with cellars in Penns Yard ( now Penns Close). Group of women and children standing in front of the small front gardens. Standing by the door are Mrs Stanley and Mrs Kenzitt. On the ...

Cubbington. School concert

Cubbington school concert. Left-right. Back row: Joyce Heath , Dorothy Harwood, Violet Miles, Charlie Tiff, Viv Colin, Cliff Bass, Nigel Standbridge, Tony Cleaver, Roy Stone, Ann Byford, Pauline Harris, ...

Cubbington. School photograph

Cubbington School photograph. Back row: Left-right. Miss Williams, Sheila Lambert, Pat Hawkes, Irene Lambert, Wendy Morris, Den Randall, Ann Franks, Norma Chandler, Jean Cripps, Mona Nelson, Joan Morris, ...

Cubbington. School photograph

Cubbington School photograph. Back row: left-right. Miss Page ( teacher) E. Walden, F. Judd, F. Wainwright; third row l-r. L. Draper, J. Woodward, L. Walden, E. Heycock, A. Webb, L. Heycock, L. Robinson, ...