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Decontamination Officer Identity Card

Borough of Royal Leamington Spa Decontamintation Officer Identity card. The card has a red cover with BOROUGH OF ROYAL LEAMINGTON SPA embosed in gold. It belonged to Arthur James Smith. Arthur James Smith ...

Defence Medal Box

Box for The Defence Medal. Cardboard box addressed to Mr A. J. Smith, 52 Alexandra Rd, Leamington Spa. The Home Office return address is printed on the reverse. Arthur James Smith was born in Bath on ...

Dog Tags

Two dog tages attached together with a piece of string. They are made of card. One dog tag is red and is embossed with "W317093 CE RICHES KR". The second tag is green and is embossed with "W317093 CE ...


A limited edition envelope issued by Bletchley Park with Atefan Knapp's 'Battle of Britain' mural and the Polish and British national flags.

Evacuee Identity Card

Evacuee Identity Card issued to Mrs Minnie Warwick by the Relief Committee of the Society of Friends on 20 February 1942.

Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery Arrives in Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph by H R Clayton, Leamington Spa, 1947. The arrival of Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery, Mayor Councillor Davidson and the Town Clerk in Leamington Spa. Montgomery was in Leamington ...

Fire Watcher Badge

Small brass Fire Watcher badge in the shape of a phoenix rising from the flames. It belonged to Arthur James Smith. There is a blue enamel scroll at the base of the badge stamped with "FIRE WATCHER". ...

First Aid Certificate

This is a First Aid to Injured certificate, from Greenacres, Golf Lane, Whitnash. The certificate dates from July 1942.

First Aid Certificate

This is a First Aid to Injured certificate, from Greenacres, Golf Lane, Whitnash. The certificate dates from July 1942.


Folder containing ten linocuts by Dr V. Fanderlik, a Czechoslovak soldier: 1. Macedonia, 2. Isamboul - Aia Sophia, 3. Halleb - Syria, 4. Alexandria - Egypt, 5. Kreta, 6. Fort St. Jean - Marseille, 7. ...

Ford Second World War Memorial Plaque

A copper alloy plaque mounted on wood. It is a war memorial commemorating employees of Ford, Leamington Spa, who lost their lives during the Second World War. The memorial names 12 employees who lost ...

Gas Mask

A cylinder gas mask which belonged to Reginald Thomas Lamsdale. He worked for Messrs Stowe in Dormer Place, Leamington Spa, doing camouflage work as a carpenter and joiner. He then worked for the same ...

Gas Mask With Case And Instructions

This is an anti-gas respirator with case and instructions, 1938-1940.

German Bomber Fragment

This is a small triangular piece of grey ceramic from a German bomber, from Ansty, September 1940.

Greetings Card

Christmas card, probably created for or sent by the Polish community in Leamington Spa during the Second World War, 1939-1945 It bears a black and white print on the front, showing a Polish soldier trying ...

Home From Dunkirk

A paper back book entitled Home From Dunkirk by J B Priestly. It contains war time photographs and stories. There is a soldier and sailor printed on the front cover.

Infant's Gas Mask

This gas mask was made for small children and infants during World War II. The child was placed inside the gas mask, which has a green fabric hood and a large oval window. There are rubber air filters ...

Infant's Gas Mask: Instruction Leaflet

A leaflet explaining how to use the infant/small child's gas mask, 1939.