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First World War Victory Medal

English bronze medal, c.1919 Diameter 36mm Medal struck to celebrate Allied victory in World War I. The obverse features the inscription 'THE GREAT/ WAR FOR/ CIVILISATION/ 1914-1919' within a wreath. ...

First World War Victory Medal and Ribbon

A medal to celebrate the victory of the allied forces in the First World War. It has a a multi-coloured ribbon attached. There is a winged female on the obverse. The medal is framed with seven other medals, ...

First World War, War Loan Leaflet

A booklet containing information about the War Loan and the issue of stock or bonds, 1915.

First World War: War Bond Campaign Postcard

A War Bond Campaign Postcard featuring two tanks. It was printed by A. M. Davis & Co. 138mm x 88mm


Fine silk handkerchief edged with lace. In the top right corner is a printed town scence in blue, red and brown, with "Souvenir d' Ypres" printed in blue below. The handkerchief belonged to Ethel May ...


Pink silk handkerchief trimmed with a lace border. The handkerchief is embroidered in the top right corner with a bunch of flowers in blue, white and red. The flowers are tied together with a ribbon in ...


Fine silk handkerchief printed with a map of India. In the corner it is embroidered with "Indian Present" and below that there is a Union Flag and Ensign of the Indian Marine, Royal Indian Navy. The ...

Health Warning Poster

A poster published by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. It was published to warn people about diseased potatoes, namely wart disease and corky scab, 1914.

HMS Iron Duke and HMS Victory

A colour postcard depicting a view of HMS Iron Duke and HMS Victory. Text at the bottom of the postcard reads 'ENGLAND EXPECTS THAT EVERY MAN WILL DO HIS DUTY'. This was a signal sent by Admiral Horatio ...

Holy Communion, Order of Service

This booklet contains the order of Holy Communion with morning and evening prayers for services held on the 3rd January 1915, London. The front page reads: 'A FORM/ OF/ HUMBLE PRAYER/ TO / ALMIGHTY GOD/ ...

Hunningham. Group photograph

Group of middle-aged men by trees with three younger men in army uniform with them, Hunningham. 1916

James Broadbridge Banwell

A photograph of James Broadbridge Banwell in his army uniform, c.1918. The reverse of the photograph has been printed as a postcard.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A Eurograph jigsaw depicting a map of Europe during World War I. It includes details of trenches and some of the pieces are in the shape of army equipment. The pieces are stored in a calico bag.

Le Poilu

Charlie Johnson Payne (Snaffles) (1884-1967) Le Poilu, 1915 Ink on paper 285mm x 200mm The print depicts a wounded French infantryman standing smoking with his rifle leaning up against him. The main picture ...

Leaflet: An Outline of the Military Service Act

A pamphlet entitled 'An Outline of the Military Service Act', leaflet number 64. The Military Service Act, 1916, was the first law to introduce full conscription in Britain. Previous to this the government ...


Letter sent from Fred Tims to his mother on 7 February 1917. It was sent from Mesopotamia.

Letter from Buckingham Palace

A letter from Buckingham Palace bearing the royal crest with the signature of George V stamped in ink. It was originally accompanied by a medal commemorating the life of Private Henry Harold Burford. ...

Letter from the Ministry of Pensions

A letter from the Ministry of Pensions, acknowledging receipt of a certificate (presumably a death certificate) and recording of its return, 1918. The letter was sent to the widow of Private Henry Harold ...