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Cubbington. Church Lane

Church Lane, Cubbington, showing group of people, cottages and farm wagons. 1900s

Cubbington. Coal merchant

Coal merchant delivering coal in Cubbington by horse and cart. 1900s

Cubbington. Sam Cleaver, village milkman

Mr Sam Cleaver, Cubbington village milkman with his horse and cart. 1919

Cubbington. Village scene

Men, women and children standing in a street in Cubbington. Note the small cart/bath chair on the left. 1900s

Cubbington. William Franks on his milkround

William Franks, milkman, seated in his horsedrawn milkcart in Cubbington. He bought the business from Charles Pickering of "Stonehouse", Cubbington. Mr Franks died in 1949. 1920s

Dunchurch. Daventry Road

The Daventry Road taken from the Square in 1899.

Dunchurch. Houses in Daventry Road

Houses in Daventry Road, Dunchurch. Also showing horse and cart from Pridmores, coal and corn merchants. 1900s

Dunchurch. Smithy

The smithy, thatched and timbered cottages, horse and cart and agricultural hay rake, Dunchurch. 1920s

Eastwood's Crown Brewery

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting Eastwood's Crown Brewery. There is a painted inscription in the lower left corner which reads 'EASTWOOD'S CROWN BREWERY'. There is also another inscription ...

Eathorpe. Post Office

Post office and cottages in Eathorpe. People standing outside Post Office. 1900s

Edith Gaskin and Other Girls at May Day Celebrations, Leamington Spa

A photograph of a horse-drawn cart, decorated with roses, and carrying nine girls during the May Day celebrations in Leamington Spa, c.1912. Edith Gaskin, aged 8, is sitting at the front of the cart. ...

Flecknoe. Old Olive Bush Public House

The Old Olive Branch public house, Flecknoe. Sign reading: "Phipp's Northampton noted ales and stout, wines and spirits." Two working horses with small cart. Small boy holding bridle. 1920s. ...

Flying Wagons At The Bull Barton Mills

James and George Temple Flying Wagons At The Bull Barton Mills Watercolour on paper 495mm x 785mm Eight horses pulling a large wagon, there is a woman with two children and some sheep in the foreground. ...

Frances Evelyn, Countess of Warwick

A photograph of Frances Evelyn Brooke, the Countess of Warwick, driving horses and carriage with guests. This was taken during the 1890s. Beside her is Edward, Prince of Wales (the future Edward ...

Friars Oak

James and George Temple Friars Oak Watercolour on paper 410mm x 780mm View of a horse drawn carriage outside an Inn, there is a gaggle of geese in the bottom right hand corner. The brothers James Temple ...

Galley Common. Terraced houses

Terraced houses in, Galley Common, Nuneaton. 1930s

Garner's (The Marine Library), High Street, Margate

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting Garner's The Marine Library, High Street, Margate, Kent. This view of Margate's High Street was very popular during the 19th century, and artists often worked ...

Great Alne. Donkey and cart with children

A "Great Alne Idyll". Two children in a small cart being pulled by a donkey and led by an older boy. 1900s