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The Market Place

Pieter Bout and Frans Adriaen Boudewyns The Market Place Oil on panel 354mm x 515mm Adriaen Frans Boudewyns (1644-1711) and Pieter Bout (1658-1719) were Flemish painters from Brussels whose 'collaborative' ...

The Princes Maurits and Frederik Hendrick at the Horse Market, Valkenberg (Detail)

Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne (after) (1589-1662) The Princes Maurits and Frederik Hendrik at the Horse Market Valkenberg (Detail), 1900-1940 Oil on copper 195mm x 230mm Van de Venne was born in Delft ...

Travel Poster - Picardy

A poster advertising Picardy with a poem attached. The poster depicts an archway with a view through to a beach. There are two women at market stalls in the foreground. The image is depicted in black, ...

Travel Poster - Brittany

A poster from London advertising Brittany. There is a poem attached. The poster depicts a quayside with figures in traditional costume and a building with a pointed roof and a small market. The scene ...

Warwick. Market Place, Mop fair

Mop fair in Warwick Market Square. 1900s

Warwick. Market Square

Warwick Market Square. 1920s