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Frances Evelyn, Countess of Warwick

A photograph of Frances Evelyn Brooke, the Countess of Warwick, driving horses and carriage with guests. This was taken during the 1890s. Beside her is Edward, Prince of Wales (the future Edward ...

Francis Evelyn, Countess of Warwick

Frances Evelyn, the Countess of Warwick (also known as 'Daisy') with her horse, during the 1920s. Photograph taken at Easton Lodge, Little Easton, Essex. Please note that this item does not appear ...

Garner's (The Marine Library), High Street, Margate

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting Garner's The Marine Library, High Street, Margate, Kent. This view of Margate's High Street was very popular during the 19th century, and artists often worked ...

Great Alne. Donkey and cart with children

A "Great Alne Idyll". Two children in a small cart being pulled by a donkey and led by an older boy. 1900s

Guy's Cliff Mill, Warwick

W. Rider Guy's Gliff Mill 204mm x 279mm This lithographic print of Guy's Cliff Mill in Warwickshrie was published by J. Merridew on 1st July 1826

Halt at the Ruin

Nicholaes Bergham or Berchem (Manner of) (1620-1683) Halt at the Ruin Oil on canvas 622mm x 745mm Berchem, the son of the Dutch still-life painter Pieter Claesz, specialised in Italianate pastoral scenes, ...

Hampton Lucy. Horse and cart in floods in Charlecote Road

Horse and cart wading through flood water in Charlecote Road, Hampton Lucy. 1930s

Harbury. Co-operative shop and delivery wagon

Harbury Co-operative shop and horse and cart delivery wagon. 1890s

Harbury. Windmill and Montgomery House

The windmill and Montgomery House, Mill Lane, Harbury. 1900s Built between 1802 and 1812. Had 4 common sails and staging. Ceased work by sail 1911-12, sails off early 1920s, stocks off 1934. Subsequently ...

Hare and Hounds

This is an oil painting of a hunting scene on a japanned tin tray. It was painted by an artist of the English Provincial School and dates from about 1860. Size of tray Height 548mm, Width 708mm.

High Street, Musselburgh, Scotland

This is an oil painting on paper which is lined (backed) onto canvas and depicts a view of the High Street in Musselburgh, Scotland. There is a signature and date in the bottom right corner of the canvas ...

Hillmorton. Lower Street

Man with pony and trap standing in road between terraced houses in Lower Street, Hillmorton. Cobbled pavements. 1900s

Horn beaker

This tapered beaker is decorated with a scene of a coach and a manor house. This type of beaker had the advantage of being light, washable, and inexpensive. Its transparency highlights the decoration, ...

Horn beakers - four examples

L to R: Beaker with a coach and a gentleman riding his horse, with buildings beyond Beaker with a coach and various buildings, including an inn, and a leaf design around the rim Beaker with a ...

Horse Bit

This horse bit is formed by two linked pieces of iron. The horse bit went into the horse's mouth and the reins were attached to the loop at each end.

Ilmington. Country lane

Lane in Ilmington, with horse and cart in front of a house. 1900s

Kenilworth. College for Boys, Priory Road

Boys' College, Priory Road, Kenilworth. 1910s

Kingswood. Baker's roundsman C.R. Moseley

Delivery cart of C.R. Moseley, baker with attendant, Kingswood. 1905