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Auctioneer's Bill

An auctioneer's bill from J. Anthony Locke, Auctioneers. It details the advertising and general auction expenses for the estate of the late Mrs Hamilton Davies. The bill is printed and handwritten on ...


This backscratcher is made from a long thin wooden stick with a small ivory human hand at one end. This was a popular design in the 1770s. During this period the fashion for large powdered wigs and the ...


A round badge with a safety pin fastening. It has a black and white CND symbol over 'U.S.Air' lettering, with black lines drawn across it.


A round badge with a safety pin fastening and a plastic cover. There is red and white lettering on a black background.


A round badge with a safety pin fastening and a plastic cover. There is red and white lettering on a black background.

Bag Label

This is a paper tag from the Midland Railway Company. It was used on 12 August 1890.

Band of the Gold Coast Police - Souvenir Leaflet

This is a souvenir leaflet to commemorate the visit of the band of the Gold Coast police to Leamington Spa. The Gold Coast was the name of a former British colony, which became the independant state of ...

Banknote - English One Guinea Banknote

This one guinea banknote was issued by the Birmingham Bank in 1802.

Banknote - English One Pound

A one pound banknote issued by Warwick Old Bank, 16th January 1816.

Banknote - German 10,000 Mark Banknote

This 10,000 marks banknote was issued in Berlin, Germany, on the 19th January 1922. Since then it has been reprinted and used by the Theatre Royal in Leamington Spa.

Banknote - Sri Lankan Five Rupees

A banknote issued by the government of Ceylon for five rupees, dated January 1st 1885. It is a rectangular piece of paper with grey and green printing.

Banknote - Two Dollar Banknote, United States of America

An American two dollar banknote, dated 1863. The note is stuck onto a piece of card.

Baptist Booklet

A booklet, from India, with a white cover and black printing. It was produced by the Baptist Mission Press in 1861.

Barber's Bowl

This pewter bowl was used by barber's during the 17th and 18th Centuries. The bowl has an indentation so that is can be held near to the customer's neck and a ring for hanging it up.

Bath Street, Leamington Spa

This reproduction of the print 'Bath Street, Leamington Spa 1822', by J. Brandard, was used as a Christmas card by Automotive Products Company Limited in 1952. It is likely that the original print actually ...

Bath Street, Leamington Spa

Framed copy of a black and white print of Elliston's Parthenon, Lower Assembly Rooms and Library, Bath Street, c.1830. There is a mounted man and figures in the foreground and background.

Bed Pan

White ceramic wedge shaped bed pan with handle. The inscription on the inside reads: 'The New/ Slipper Bed Pan/ This slipper should be passed under/ the Patient in front between the legs/ If a flannel ...

Bill and Receipt

A printed and handwritten bill and receipt dated 1897, from Whitehouse & Co, Silk Mercers, Lacemen and Undertakers, of 156 The Parade, Leamington Spa. The bill is addressed to the estate of the late Mrs ...