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Arley. 'Grannie' Stain and sister

Grannie Stain and her sister at Arley. 1900s

Arley. Group of children

Group of colliers' children, before the war. 1930s

Arley. John Stain & wife

John Stain and wife, family portrait, Arley. 1890s

Arrow. Marquis of Hertford with schoolchildren

The Marquis of Hertford and schoolchildren in the schoolyard at Arrow. N1900s

Arrow. Rev. and Mrs Stannus

The Rev. and Mrs B Stannus of Arrow. The Reverend is seated in a wheelchair and there is a decorated cake standing between them. Circa 1900

Ashorne. Old range in Forge Cottage

Forge Cottage, Ashorne, before conversion, showing the range in the main downstairs room. The range was to remain after conversion in May 1979.

Ashorne. The Holloway

The Holloway, Ashorne, with group of people in their best clothes. 1900s

Ashow. Avon Cottage

Four ladies, in the doorway of Avon Cottage. The lady sitting is Mrs S. Harris. 1900s

Assise of Bread [John Powell, editor], 1608 - woodcuts, p.D1v, detail.

Bakers at work: Shakespeare's neighbours. In towns few people baked their own bread on account of the dangers of chimney fires. The baker’s role was one of the most important in any community, ...

Assise of Bread [John Powell,editor] , 1608 - title page, p.A1r.

Bakery regulations: a source for Shakespeare. The woodcuts in this official government text that regulated the work of bakers show the work of kitchens with which Shakespeare would have been familiar. ...

Astley. Schoolboys

Group of schoolboys, Astley. 1899

Astley. Sub-Postmasters

Astley sub- postmasters in the late 19th century.

Atherstone. Avin's Yard

23-25 Avin's Yard, Atherstone, looking towards Long Street. Children, women and washing lines. 1900s

Atherstone. Avin's Yard

Avins Yard, Atherstone. 1900s

Atherstone. Blue Bell Yard

87-89 Blue Bell Yard, Atherstone, looking towards Long Street. 87 was formerly the Blue Bell public house. Children standing. 1900s

Atherstone. Cordingley's Buildings or Collin's Yard

A group of children in Collin's Yard, Atherstone. 1900s

Atherstone. Cordingley's Buildings or Collin's Yard

Women and children in Collin's Yard, Atherstone. 1900s

Atherstone. Meads (Ortons) Yard from Long Street

8 -10 Mead's (Ortons) Yard, Atherstone. 1900s