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One of a pair of candlesticks typical of those found in a wealthy home, c.1600-1799.

Canine Friends

This is an oil painting on canvas of two dogs and was painted by the English Provincial School about 1870. At this time, paintings of horses and hounds were more usually by professional artists, and paintings ...

Card Case

An English card case c.1850. It is made of wood and decorated with applied mother of pearl in a geometric pattern. It has metal fixings for the lid and is lined with velvet.

Card Case

An English card case c.1850. It is made of wood with a mother of pearl decorative casing in a diamond pattern.

Carved wooden panel

This panel would have been used as a support for when writing on one's knee, and belonged to George Eliot. The author's friend Elma Stuart, who gave it to George Eliot in 1878, may have carved it. George ...

Carving of a Thrush

A carving in limewood of a thrush. The base is carved with a cabbage rose. The carving is on a red plush covered plinth, with a glass dome.

Carving Sample

This is a sample of carving from Norway. The rectangular piece of wood has an ornately carved panel along the centre featuring foliage.


A silver casket on a wooden base with the Leamington Spa Coat of Arms in enamel on the side. The casket contains a plain satin scroll titled the Borough of Royal Leamington Spa.

China Replica

A replica, in 'biscuit' china, of a large bas-relief in the Copenhagen Museum. The plaque depicts a seated woman with a basket of cherubs on her lap. One cherub is flying away and a dog sits beside her....

City Fouler's Mark

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a shooting scene, and is inscribed across the top 'City Fouler's Mark'. Another inscription across the bottom reads 'Against the wind he prudent takes his way, ...

Coin Goblet

Tall coin goblet, with a richly engraved bowl that is decorated with the rose and thistle surrounding a cartouche. On the reverse side are the initials W.D. and a boar's head impaled on a dagger. The ...

Coin Tankard

Coin tankard, with the base heavily gadrooned. The tankard has a hollow slightly curved stem, containing a George I shilling dated 1723. It has a plain foot and a reeded handle, c.1780.

Coin Tankard

Large coin tankard, which is reeded round the upper part. The base has prominent fluting and is set on a hollow bulb over a large folded foot. The bulb contains a William and Mary half crown dated 1689. ...

Country Fete

This oil painting on panel depicts people at a fete in the grounds of a house and was painted by the English School about 1840. It was originally joined to another panel called 'Country Procession'. ...

Country Fete and Procession

These are two panel paintings which were originally joined which are painted by an English School about 1840. One shows people at a fete in the grounds of a house, and the other, people arriving at the ...

Country Procession

This panel painting depicts people arriving at a Country Fete on foot, horseback and by carriage. Some are making a tour of the allotment gardens. This painting was originally joined to Country Fete, ...


A white china cup with gold lustre on the rim. The coat of arms of Leamington Spa is on the front.

Cup. Lowestoft. Redgrave

Cup Lowestoft c.1774 A soft paste porcelain Lowestoft cup, with a Redgrave pattern. It has orange and blue flowers and birds on the outside and a pattern on the inside of a flower. There is decoration ...