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A fine circular opaque blue glass bangle, from India, with traces of applied decoration.

Brandy Glass

'Balloon' plain brandy glass, made in Stourbridge. The glass has a 20 ounce capacity, c.1963.

Butter Churn

A large, tear-drop shaped, green glass hand churn. This churn would have been used for making butter.

Calcite nodule - exterior

Calcite nodule - exterior. Lower Jurassic: ? Charmouth Mudstone Formation, Kineton Army Camp. Donated by T. Cox.

Candle Lantern

An ornate, six-sided, metal candle lantern. It has six glass panels supported by metal pillars and an ornate lid with cross-pierced decoration.

Candle Lantern

A metal candle lantern with a black metal surround and glass on three sides. There are mirrors at the back to reflect the light, and a candle in the holder. There is also a folding handle at the back.


This is a large, glass chemist's bottle, known as a carboy. The carboy was used to contain liquids that were needed in large quantities. This bottle is from an old chemist shop on the High Street, Leamington ...

Champagne Flute

Stevens & Williams Royal Brierley Crystal c.1963 Tall champagne flute, made in Brierley Hill, with diamond pattern decoration. The glass has a six-sided eliptical panelled stem with a diamond pattern ...

Champagne Glass

Champagne or white wine glass, made in Stourbridge, with a balloon bowl. It has a leaf-chain decoration cut at an angle. The design of the glass is called 'Envoy', c.1963.

Champagne Glass

Thomas Webb & Sons Webb's English Crystal c.1963 Champagne glass, made in Stourbridge, with a balloon bowl that is cut with interlaced star and leaf decoration. The glass has a short stem with a bulbous ...

Champagne Glass

Shallow bowl champagne glass, made in Stourbridge, with a light baluster stem. The design of the glass is called 'Conifer', c.1963.

Champagne Glass

Drinking glass, c.1730-1740 The glass has a lipped double ogee bowl on a double-knopped heavy baluster stem. The central three-ringed knop has a tear inside. The foot is domed and folded.

Champagne Glass

Drinking glass from England, c.1725-1750. The glass has a waisted bell bowl on a double knop stem. There is a tear in the lower knop and the foot is plain.

Champagne Glass

Glass, made in Stourbridge, with shallow cut discs and stars. It has a six-sided stem, c.1963.

Claret Glass

Stuart & Sons Stuart Crystal c.1963 Crystal claret glass, made in Stourbridge, with a cut glass pattern of horizontal fronds and leaf diamonds. The glass has a light baluster stem.

Claret Jug

Decanter from England, 1915. A cut glass and silver mounted jug. This claret jug was a gift from the Friends of Leamington Art Gallery in 1968.

Cocktail Tumbler

Stuart & Sons Stuart Crystal c.1963 A cocktail tumbler, made in Stourbridge, with cut vertical spear and leaf decoration. The glass has a 4 1/2 ounce capacity, c.1963.

Coin Goblet

Tall coin goblet, with a richly engraved bowl that is decorated with the rose and thistle surrounding a cartouche. On the reverse side are the initials W.D. and a boar's head impaled on a dagger. The ...