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Fashion Plate

Fashion plate published by R. Phillips, St Paul's Church Yard, c.1802. Ink on paper 220mm x 130mm. Five views of 'London Dresses' from the waist up. In numerical order: 1) a white Empire line dress with ...

Felicitous Quotations

This page from Punch contains 'Feliciticous Quotations', a cartoon by George Louis Palmella Du Maurier. The original drawing is also in the collection of Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. Punch magazine ...

Flower Girl

Geoffrey Elliott Flower Girl Chromolithograph

Giotto Chapel, Padua

The Giotto Chapel Mrs Hige (copyist) Ink on paper 740mm x 650mm The Giotto Chapel - also known as the Capella degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni Chapel) or the Arena Chapel - is in Padua, Italy. It was commissioned ...

Guy's Cliff

Print By W. Rider Guys Cliff 1832 185mm x 275mm View of Guys Cliffe House with a man rolling the grass in the foreground. Saxon Mill is visible in the distance.

Guy's Cliff

Ink on paper printGuy's Cliff (From The Road) by J Brandard and printed by C Elston235mm x 300mm This print depicts a view down an avenue of trees leading to Guy's Cliff house. There are horses, carts ...

Guy's Cliff

Ink on paper Guy's Cliff By William Rider, by Charles Joseph Hullmandel (b.1789 d.1850), by John Merridew 200mm x 280mm The print depicts a view of Guy's Cliff House and the river Avon, Warwick. A figure ...

Guy's Cliff House

J. Brandard Guys Cliff From The Mill Ink on paper 225mm x 275mm A view of Guy's Cliff House from across the river. This image was printed by M and N Hanhart and published by C. Elston of 12 Lower Union ...

Guy's Cliff Mill

Print by J. Brandard Guy's Cliff Mill Published by C. Elston, 19th Century 250mm x 300mm View of Guy's Cliff Mill, there are three figures with a horse to the right.

Guy's Cliff Mill, Warwick

W. Rider Guy's Gliff Mill 204mm x 279mm This lithographic print of Guy's Cliff Mill in Warwickshrie was published by J. Merridew on 1st July 1826

Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa

J. Brandard Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa Ink on paper 210mm x 285mm Lithograph print of a view of Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa. There is a horse drawn carriage and horses on the road. To the right ...

Hartshill. Castle

Remains of Hartshill Castle. 1800s

His Favourite Piece

C. SpencelayhHis Favourite PieceInk on paper360mm x 305mmThe print depicts a white-haired gentleman sitting in a room. In his left hand he is holding a violin whilst he studies some sheet music.

Jephson Memorial in the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

Christopher Noble Jephson Memorial Ink on paper 130mm x 110mm This was hand printed by Christopher Noble in 1977 for the Ibis Gallery in Leamington Spa. The Jephson Memorial is in the Jephson Gardens, ...


Print Kenilworth Printed and published by H T Cooke of Warwick Ink on paper 182mm x 140mm A panoramic view of Kenilworth bound in a red fabric booklet.

Kenilworth Castle

William Rider Kenilworth Castle 1 July 1826 Ink on paper 270mm x 375mm This view of the ruins of Kenilworth Castle was printed by Charles Joseph Hullmandel (1789-1850) and published by John Merridew from ...

Kenilworth Castle

William Rider Kenilworth Castle 1 July 1826 Ink on paper 270mm x 380mm A view of the ruins of Kenilworth Castle with a shepherd and sheep in the foreground. This image was printed by Charles Joseph Hullmandel ...

Kenilworth Castle

J. Brandard Ink on paper Kenilworth Castle Printed by C. Elston 255mm x 320mm The print depicts a view of Kenilworth Castle, with a horse-drawn carriage and figures in the foreground.